April 21, 2009

award lagi ;)

[Make sure you take the pic and said it is from who]
ok..i already did it..n i was awarded from kak pqah!!
my ex-headgurl..
thanks kak pqah,yup!
for visitin here+awarding this blog;)

[You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself]

i eat very slow!if i join a group whhich the group is supposed to eat..n we start at the same struck of the clock,u'll find the last person who finish is me...wua3..!maybe,after this i'll got an award for eating very slow??..wonder*..hahha!!..n it's not a weird view when u could see all the pekerja dining dah nak simpan sumer tray2 dah,but me tgh makan lagi!...i'm the 1 yg makan lambat ke??the others yg makan cepat??... ;p

i started to be the red-lover when i'm form four!..then,i see the colour really make my eyes attracted to=)....

i'm very high-disciplined in writing my diary!my friends surrendered when they could not get themselves faithful in writng them daily but mine,every corner was full!!..but,hello!i'm not a jiwang okkeyh!!..hehe~ade sape2 nak bantah ke,say dat i'm jiwang???...;p ...erm,dop sergho..heheh~~

i prefer to keep quiet when i'm angry,n i'll answer the people question very shortly..n admitting that i am angry that moment??...no no..neva..i get cold quick,but i realized that i'm hard to forget what that sum1 did to me..except,that sum1 changes=)n..i'm easily hurt..wahaha..certain2 la kowt...;)

i didn't really lyke to drinks air batu!!!!...i'll face problems if i drink it..yup!..sounds weird,eh??..dulu,lepas abeskan segelas ke dua gelas ice drinks kan,i got sakit tekak n demam ..or demam terus..n i'll directly knoe sbb me minum air tue..p,kalau nak minum jgak,i have to note the senggang masa between minum tue..xboleh direct... ;p

i think too much what others said..aduss..ok2,i'm trying okay not to=)..
n rasanya..quite ok la skarang ni..hope,lepas ni..i wonT anymore...

i lyke to keep sumtin that make me remember bout sumtin..^^..paham ke??..for example,on the KOT nite last year,that was for the first tyme razak got third=)..ngeh3..so,razakian[stgh2 je ni]..we went to the khemah n were chit-chatting,kan..mimi!..igt x??..n my fingers terbuang kulit almari ape ntah kat padang tue..n i kept it sampai arini..haha!..it has personal value,tau dop~
da rumput when sumy n i had a personal talk~
da ribbon dat he threw up to me on the nite of principal's retirement~n others..

i'm confuse to choose whether i want to be a dentist or a doctor ek??
dentist kowt=)

ainin is 70% penakut n 30% berani...;p

when i listen to songs,i do note its lyrics=)

..i do remember wat others advices me..oups,terlebey suda;p

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(easier the ones who follow you),
mention their names in your blog||

farah ada..
sape2 deh..amek la=)

once again.tenkiu kak pqah^^


en_me said...

bestnyer dapat award..

ainin said...

en_me,u were awrded by me..bole??