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December 29, 2010

thirteen but fourteen~

click for growth:P

yah,we gotta do the same thing!
counting days!
2 full days more.

this blog will be updated b4 that 1 jan 2011.

i have 24 plus minus of ghedin's edited pictures of tayu,started from day 1
i think he wanna me to upload them here.
time wont allow me to,now.
bags n loads of clothes wait me more.:D
n also,
che wani,i already sent urs.

tanyalah ustaz today:
"doctors hunts knowledge in treating thousands of diseases.
the same goes to penyakit hati; bakhil n others
it needs also knowledge+ilmu in treating this.
also iman.
because iman is the strength for us to act.

puncak alam already in view.
there's where my life will be like always insyaallah.
this holiday give me conclusion:
rumah buat kerja rumah
kuliah buat kerja kuliah:D

*being heartless is still preferable i think,4 my own sake:D
sorry for the fragility.
i'm ok :)

batu caves stairs,prm,fsk,ff,om n others
i can see them now:)

puncak alam here i come:D

December 26, 2010

perfect four

click for the MEGA size~

watching lehan playing comp's game.

these are from my hp:)

the only picture with pah along.
pah,till meet again yup?

che wani,urs are in ghedin's camera.
not now.ghedin's in fever.pity him.
may he recover soon .

holiday's mode should and will be shut down,
college+university's mode restart.

it's where i'll concentrate fully.
jauhi maksiat.akademik amanah Allah.
sbb Allah hanya jadikan manusia 1 hati.
& dalam hati itu nurr.
jgn padamkan nurr itu dgn maksiat.
& hati yg kotor ssah masuk ilmu.
keep on doa sbb Allah olwes dgr.
remember,u aim ur brother.
ur accountability now is to study.
thus,study :)

semoga dipermudahkan semua.

August 1, 2010

time flies.1 august already~

  • screening test aka amek darah on's my first time.THEY took mine, 6 injection on 6 different places with 6 different syringe.last with SPECIAL ONE.tinier.Ya Allah,dahla i'm afraid with the jarum tue,~~banyak kali sbb dorang xjumpa cari veins.jumpa2 pn,darah xnak kuar.tears kuarla;p.well2,i knew its pain xdela sakit sgt.tapi takut jgak kat jarum tue.bila dah xnak takut ni?btw,ainin sofia mmg sgt specialla hari tue=)
  • wet all over on sat.being poured by rain altogether with aida+kak aisah at fasa3 night market.maybe sbb pegi without my mum's permission;p
  • blessed with euphoria,chanced to accompany aida out from uitm with car,as early as yesterday 4 kak aisah amek keta dia kat luar~
  • excited,aida would say,4 getting her laptop just now imported from hommie~
  • borrowed 'scientific romance' novel from the library last week,but got no time to finish even 1 chapter bcause i love anat+biochem+etc more ;( .btw,just ignore the title.i'm just missing reading novel.
  • imam muda tv programme show done.hopin 4 another chance to watch all the series~
  • read kak anis farisian blog,and she wrote"

    mase aku kat puncak alam..
    perghh..gile cantik tempat kat sane..memang puncak!
    malam2 sejuk..hostel diorg superb! *uitm memang mantap*
    yg paling penting..mkanan diorg kat cafe murah and super duper sedapp!
ehem.i'm not lying all this while=)

  • my lab coat besar;( tapi 6t lepas ni nak kecikkan a lil bit=)
  • had been kissed by charlie.(who's gasping?it's just an insect.) jahat one ;p
  • just finishing 1 module of "kemahiran insaniah".
  • 10 days 4 ramadhan to come:)
  • n lastly,10 wasiat hasan al-banna,from this,

*Apabila mendengar azan , bangunlah sembahyang serta merta walau bagaimana keadaan sekalipun.

* Bacalah Al Quran atau tatapilah buku - buku , atau pergilah mendengar perkara - perkara yang baik atau amalkanlah zikirullah dan jangan sama sekali membuang masa kepada perkara -perkara yang tidak berfaedah.

* Berusahalah sedaya upaya untuk bertutur dalam bahasa arab yang betul.

* Janganlah banyak bertengkar dalam apa jua perkara sekalipun.

* Jangan banyak ketawa kerana hati yang sentiasa berhubung dengan Allah itu sentiasa tenang dan tenteram.

* Jangan bergurau kerana umat yang senang berjuang it u tidak mengerti melainkan bersungguh - sungguh dalam semua perkara.

* Jangan bercakap lebih nyaring daripada yang dikehendaki oleh pendengar.* Jauhilah daripada mengumpat peribadi orang dan jangan bercakap melainkan apa - apa yang boleh memberi kebajikan.

* Berkenal - kenallah dengan setiap saudara muslim sekalipun tidak meminta untuk berkenalan.

* Kewajipan - kewajipan kita adalah lebih banyak darip ada masa yang ada pada kita.

make a nice preparation on syaaban to welcome ramadhan again.
piles of assignment have called me.

July 15, 2010

super secret.

with new bag:D
with housem8s.
where i got new name:D
when happiness fulfilled in the atmosphere:D

revealing super secret.
b4 i arrived,i was praying hard that

"ya ALLAH,bless me the best course FOR ME,best university FOR ME"

HE gives me medical lab,my father chose 4 me=)
uitm puncak alam,uitm my mother's choice.
and at the same time,my choice.thats the important 1=)

even single things,
"ya Allah,bless me the best block,the best level,the best house,the best housemates,the best roomate FOR ME"
yup.because,the best FOR ME,not 4 other person~
because He's the only 1 who knows me correctly,accurately,precisely,
than me myself.
He gives me all of that.ALL
nice housemates+nice roomate.
who make me cant help laughing the whole day.
one that i rarely did at pasum.
yet,pasum REALLY taught me many things.LOTS.
n i appreciates all of that.i'll never 4get that.i promise.

my roomate is the 1 who contributes to the jokes.:D

jangan banyak ketawa.6t mati hati=)
"jika kamu tahu apa yang aku tahu,nescaya kamu akn banyak menangis,n kurang ketawa"~
thus,be balances=))

so,dear frens,dont worry about me.
i dislike"xpela nyn"
bcause i'm so accepting the faith.i'm enough happy here.
thanks to HIM.

anatomy double triple mood.
nak abeskan all the handout.
they're all studying~

thus,believes in Allah.
He's now.whenever.wherever.

July 13, 2010

no blog when books need me first:D.babai~


i love hot n spicy

huh!it's confirmed i'm not into's likes i eat tons of chilly~
tears+cant talk at all:D


blog ranks first,study second

no blog when piles of assignment+revision.babai.
they own my love first:)))


i dislike kak aisah


respect+honoured,she'll get them from us.
she's so nice+kind++++
books+pdf+past years+++
when others dont know yet our seniors,my roomate was.
aida's lucky.
saya tumpang sekaki:))
Ya Allah,masukkan kami dalam keberkatanMu~

**they start to call me sofia:D:D:D
**tapi,bla sy free2,6t sy jumpa kamu yup,my bloggie+bloggers.

July 6, 2010


alhamdullilah.gettin better.thanks to my roomate,aida+dini[housemate] for teman2 g klinik tadi.klinik uitm puncak alam lawa=) xabeh2 lawa:D.
today's lecture?erm~~i just can say=okela.unexplainable.mcm lecture2 org2 laen jgak.haha.alhamdullilah lecturer2 baek2.
1 thing 4 sure.can't wait to see kak ijan.btw,she's on differ course.[bila nak jumpa kak ijan comel2 ni]=)
tadi jumpa kak aji je pun.excited enuf^^
attended a night talk"biar jadi orang" by persatuan rakan masjid*PRM with housemates just now at dewan kolej angsana.
wah.i'm so happy.i repeat,housemates=)
hopin for the other next time.
got so jealous tiba2 bila boys have their bidadari at the hereafter world,but what about the gurls?wildan??'s all about biological things of the human beings,boys and gurls.
how's and what they're concerned+attracted.
tapi..tapi..tapi...xtaw tibe2 je jeles.=(. siyes.
ade sape2 bole pujuk x?
i meant,from islamic view~more facts.banyak2 ganjaran for the gurls juga.;p
**zaujah ustaz tue+baby dia comel sgt=)))

callin 4 my parents this evening.
abah said"study ok x?6t ni pakai yg *** taw"
*let the stars be left unknown.
wah.i'm hopin so,for that.but no one can go against Allah's destiny,rite?
we're just praying that our destiny+faith are the best,
and for myself,the best in here.


::happy bday zaid.sweet 19th::

passionate enough for medical lab.
kak bibi said=dont be afraid,fighting!!=))
Ya Allah.bantulah hambaMu ini.

April 24, 2010

keeP moviN 4ward:)

*meet the Robinson*
.keep movin 4ward!.that's Louis's motto
i give 5 stars:)
best sgt.*thumb up*
well,viewed my older posts.yup,i really wrote most of all the things.
tp,itu dulu.;p
the answer 4 the question,"why not now?" is =i maself dunno.
afraid.niat lari or jd laen 4 example.
so,today's quote:
"bukan set2 ustaz je nak masuk syurga,kita pn nak masuk,ilmu fardu ain ni bukan set2 ustaz je yg kna pandai,kta pn kna pandai gak" :)),=denyut kasih medik.

"nak jaga islam,bukan org yg blaja akademii Islam ke,11A+ ke,set2 dakwah ke,set2 nerd ke,p sape yg rase dye Islam,dye la bertanggungjwb:)
xkiraala medic ke,dental ke,accountg ke,engneerg ke n etc."
to fauzan.
go 4 ur aim.6t kalau dapat mna2 pn xksah ea.but i strongly believe dat u'll get foundation or asasi dat u're olwes dream.yup.UM tough.but just do ur best.jgn leka.focus.kalau jatuh,kna bangun!.jg agama Allah:).rezeki kat mane2 je.
to asfarina.
kita sma2 jd dentist yea=).
tp,my perjuangan blom selesai lg.xtau apa yg Dia decide 4 me.
doa n tawakkal.
6t study btol2 ea.jg niat elok2.jd dentist islam.yg tgakkan agama Dia.
to scool's leavers.
4get bout ur results.xcellent or x,lupakan.spm bukan penentu segala2nya.
remember that,itu ujian.syukur ke x.
start stadi balik 6t,start zero2 balik.sungguh2 balik.
u've to bear,study lpas ni,especially kalau foundation or matrix,mmg kna struggle btol2,exceeds spm.that's 4 sure.
dont underestimate others.
prof sahar always said.those yg banyak A,blaja mcm xde A.
means,bagusla g2.that's wat we shud do.
to sbp+ mara.beware.jgn proud.sbb sume akan jd sama.kite kna spoonfed.
so,jgn asing2,kau mara,kau sbp,kau skol bese.but sume sma k:)
jaga hubungan ng Allah.+humans:).
jg akal.jg hati.jg niat.
*olwes remember kak zahra's advices:)
ainin,qusyux solat.focus studi.
ainin da besa,jg agama Allah:)
pst:ppah da ad sjil kawen ;p
saje ngenax ppah,announce sini.hehe.

April 19, 2010

dear kuyah=)

dear kuyah,

i dunno how's to be specific in this.
xtaw nak oyak hop mano so ;p
p,maybe i can share on how i felt when olwez feel down,n dun even wanna see the books+tutorials,the mounting of them ;p
+low marks in test?.that's included too~

slalu je kalau down2 camni,lau pg surau,mestia ad punye la tazkirah yg matching=)
kite blaja sbb Allah.sbb nak cari redha Allah.niat 1st,MESTI sbb Allah.
Tuhan tgk taw.our dreams cita2?.dun worry.Allah maha mndengar.InsyaAllah Dia bagi.kan dia Ar-Razaq,Maha pemberi?tp,nak suh Dia tgk kita?niat kna jaga.hati kna show off tue jgn skali.Dia xsuka.kita akan jd laen drpd yg laen kalau niat cam2.sbb Allah.tue beza kita dgn nonmuslim kan?dgn yg nak kjar cita2 je.kjar dunia je.kita kalau bole,kjar both.dunia akhirat=)

Rasullallah pernah bersabda,Allah suka,kalau kita buat satu2 urusan,kte buat sungguh2..u noe wat kuyah?lpas tue trus buat sungguh phy n math=)satu soalan,susah snang,buat sungguh2.satu page bio,lau slagi xigt,pahamkan.bukan 4 exam only,k=).that's His knowledge.hak Dia nak bagi kite paham x.selalu doa yg ilmu yg kite dapat diberkati~
n i learnt from others,lau nak start study tu,start wif doa.end wif doa too.the priority is keberkatanNya.=)

dun eva gelisah by thinking,"dapat ke x?dapat ke X?"..ehem!kita dapat apa yg kita dapat by now pn,rezeki dia.Hak Dia nak tarik bila2 masa2 pn.the same goes to the future.itu rezeki Dia.kan Dia dah kata,sape2 bersyukur,Dia,bersyukur=).ilmu,ajar org laen jgak.jgn kedekut,kita paham pn,sape yg bg paham?this ayat are from dr.azizan=).rezeki kita dah ditentukan.our part is to berusaha.berusaha sbgai penentu,layak ke x Dia nak bagi apa yg dah Dia ttapkan untuk kita,sbagai chances,sbb Dia ada bg chance kat kite untuk ubah apa yg Dia tlah ttapkan.kejayaan milik Dia.Dia ad hak nak bg x.but remember,Allah Ya latif,Maha lembut=)
"resah datang bila kita depends+percaya sepenuhnya pada usha kita,sdgkan the 1 yg determine it,is Allah"=seindah mawar berduri=),ustazah fatimah syarha.

doa=)"sesiapa yg memohon kpadaKu,nescya Aku kabulkan".dan who else yg sgt2 menepati janji selain daripadaNya?.

igk kat Allah pada waktu senang,& Allah igt kat kita waktu kita susah.

tawakkal b4,semasa n,asa ni mcm,kita xtahu kalau kita study,daily specially,ntah igt ntah tidak tawakkal=).ni ilmu mse camp~

jg hak Allah,then Allah jg hak kita.apa hak Allah?semayang awal waktu. a senior said,ni kakak buat master,to tell about her,6t next post,p,dye mmg sgt jg.10 minit b4 azan,dye dah kmas2 untuk preparation smayang laa.amek wudhu semua.n her life goes smoothsailing laa=).best je tgk dye~ad nur laa=)...she olwez tell us about her life,obvious,Allah jaga~

"wahai umat islam,knapa malas baca buku?kata nak umat islam maju,tp,malas baca buku???!"
"tanda akhir zaman ialah hilangnya ilmu~"
"sesiapa yg membenci ilmu Allah,pasti dia celaka keranaNya".i love this,which turn me to rajin study physics=)haha!
this is wat i got from dr azizan b4 my final.he told us about alfatihah's miracle:

  1. basmalah=buat sesuatu ng nma Allah,Allah datangkan barakah.
  2. .Allah yg pemurah & penyayang:sesiapa yg berusaha,dia berjaya.~kamu pernah mnang dulu,defeated those zillions~so,cipta sejarah again.why can't now?Allah maha berkuasa.igt,u'd won dulu taw.skunk,xblei lak?
  3. syukur n sgala puji bagi Allah-dapat result bagus,puji Allah,xbagus,redha.
  4. Allah itu pemilik sgla kerajaan.Yakin ganjarannya.kalau x kat dunia,akhirat.berusahalah semaksimum mungkin.Allah bg kejayaan.dunia akirat Dia punya.Hati+mata lecturers+pemeriksa kertas sape control?Allah.nak mntaq pape,go trus to the big boss=)
  5. Engkau yg kami sembah & minta pertolongan.:Allah nak bagi da best,ada syarat,sembah Dia=).those yg nakkan redha Dia~igt!kita ada Allah!"kalau jumpa soalan susah,jgn gelabah,MACAM XDE TUHAN~Allah nak uji kita,either kita igt Dia x tgh2 exam tu=)"
  6. petunjuk:dr azizan pesan,al fatihah tue,setiap ayat baca 7x.macam,basmalah 7x,ayat 1 7x n seterusnya~.bukak pintu ilmu=)
  7. jauhkan maksiat.6t Allah padam ilmu.zina hati,mata,telinga.maksiat merosakkan ilmu,ilmu kita akan terhakis &,buang masa r...kita study daa~

at the end of his talk,

pelajarilah ilmu because:

or for kuyah,excited2 larh kamu dengan bio kerana=)

  1. Allah
  2. those who kaji,ibarat tasbih.
  3. those who treasure it,like jihad.
  4. those who tuntut,study,like ibadah.
  5. those who teach others,are sedekah
  6. those who curah pada ahlinya,macam qurban
  7. those who thinks,macam puasa.=)
  8. those who discuss,macam qiyam.

see how orang menuntut ilmu itu tinggi darjatnya?

our part is to berusaha,n He'll t8 care of the rest.Trust HIM.

wat's HE's gonna gives us,trust that,it's the best 4 us.He's our creator,rite?dont eva 4get that.."Aku menurut sangkaan hambaKu",hadis qudsi,riwayat bukhari & muslim.

solat n SABAR.dat's the key org2 beriman yg berjaya.jgn sdey2 yup=)

"nva feel afraid of anitim,sbb Dia ad"=maher zain ;p

i'll remember this.insyaAllah~

**yah,i dunno this can help u or not,or at least, maybe a little=).n i'll be thankful to HIM.

February 21, 2010


after 'wasting' my time doing this,it's worth okke.;)
this was kak eno's layout pada suatu masa dahulu.sgt2 suka.;)
the orders of the pictures,ape sume,mmg kucca la~
6t laa...kte edit 6t free+kat umah+abeh pasum..hee.

so,i've lots okke to tell.
golden nite at sunway hotel~
it's really mega grand.
chopsticks+7 hidangan+red carpet~
but,just lyke i told u,i didnt that excited.
thanks to syahirah at the end of the nite.

but,i think,not now,to tell all of that.
it's tutorials+study tyme.
dunno wat to feel rite now atceli.
but,one thing that i've to be worried about.
u've to use your tyme PROPERLY.

ca's bday is today.
i'll wish him here.
(wish la tu)haha!ey,how's bout dat book?
~no answer to be given~
biar ah,u hurt me anyway;p

ainin,u've to be happy yup!=)
ur amanah here,is to study.
p/s.kuyah,u do change!hehe.shipop mkin ber+

February 13, 2010

when ppah lent me her laptop.

  • at ipba again.thanks ppah amek sy dkat kolej 12;)
  • havim such a great tyme pampering maself with nur kasih epsode 18th+19th.
  • 19th episode is da best=)
  • happy holiday shume,but i'm da 1 dat wud be here.
  • tati gonna marry next month.
  • whoever yg balik on 14th march,sila datang yup!UNIC is comin too=)
  •,is da final.6 weeks to go!
  • golden nite?huh.i'm not too excited on that.
  • i'm goin to wear my f3's dinner baju krg only,since i've nver wear it here.
  • i find that i can't resist pah's laptop when i'm here.;p
  • i noe nab wont read mine,but slamat terbang,ya!
  • it's true,it wont be da same again.even frens,everitim is changim.
  • to all,Allah sentiasa rindukan hambanya~
  • rasa mcam nak tukar blog je.nak tuka background xleh.
  • we're headim to mid now.atm machine wasn't workim;(
  • parents+family.i do love u=)
  • last,thanks ppah.4 everitim.
..ala..sygnya nk ttup nur kasih ni..
lehan,jgn jeles;P

January 24, 2010

wan afie humaira~

in ppah's room now:)
at ipba.
on her red bed~

January 4, 2010


i just returned from the camp.
which left us deeply stabbed.
stabbed wif our responsibilities.
not to mention that,
we'd a very great moment.
got in sungai congkak.
the crystal,clear+FREEZING water!
landim2 lazily since we went into shallow part=)
feelim so desperate to send our pictures to my brothers at home for their jealousy to keep flooding.
they rily miss this sort of things kan.
'fear factor part'
we'd to eat bawang putih yg fresh2 tue.
psst=i hide it,okke ;p
cake 'coffee' which i can't finish it.,luckily,xmuntahkan balik.
ntah recipe ape~
masuk sungai 4 pagi~+muhasabah diri.
kalau ade org yg kna seksa kat kubur hya krana sbb pengcungkil gigi,
sbb dye xmintaq@ x amanah jga kayu2 yg dye jadikan pgcgkil gigi tue,
yg byk gle dosa ni?

this 3 days 2 nites camp.
we'll remember it.
suprisingly,i learn to love PASUM bit by bit.
thanks to my family+cmud.
n ALL because of ALLAH.

it's enormously,nice trip.
but time won't allow me to mention it here.
but it's such a sweet reminiscence.
i like UIA at nite~=)
n cmud's room too=)
thanks 4 all.
feel guilty coz kcau dorang midsem;(
sowie taw.

hope we could remember+manfaatkan sume2 what we get here.
Ya Allah,KAU berkatikanlah,ya Allah.
eratkan ukhuwwah antara kami.

ainin,stay focuz.
mid sem approachim near.,

December 23, 2009

moment at faris,to be at pasum=)for a while.


ja'll come to UM tomorrow.
sheewon too.
and mijah.
ja'll sleep here=)
for 2 nites.
1 nite at UIA.
wif wani,tifa n me=)
can't wait.
cmud,nadia,celebrate us wif smiles

ainin,finish ur tutorials first!

October 31, 2009

"anybody's here?"...*i'm back*

so,here i am.
tman+kacau daun my sister n her fiance' to be shoppin2 for their day.
the engagement rings,of course=)
feel lucky larh to ikot skali..haha!
xkan berdua,slaen ade yg ke3...let's the 3rd be me.
n guess wat?
ate together in 1 room wif malik noor at tempat makan td.
4got eyh nma.hee~
final,at last,abesh jgak..
1 sem finished!che atomen kta "cpat'y"....yeah3...n i hope it's cud be shorter.
i wishED.
but now,i wish,it cud be longer...i haven't any idea how the time in the asasi gone too fast.TOO FAST.i'd realised it after the fnal.too late.
about the exam?
wont talked bout this here.
let's the faith decide.
but i'm not doin my besh,which wrinkled me burdens.
i dunno why.n i just tot 'it's determined to be like this'
dun say "if i do this n dat,i'll dis n dat"
because it'll lead to the way of satan.

If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust. (al-Imran, ayat 160)

muet's waits me in the end of the week.
sopmo xleh tgk nur kasih~but i hope we reach um as early as possible,rite che wani=)
n watch it when the nite comes.
biarpun next after the day,the exam starts at 7.30 a.m.
n home again=)

have many things to do.
but will the chances allow me to?

che ilia,i'm sooryy 4 not wishim u.
to 4get ur day,is IMPOSSIBLE 4 me.we're clazzmate 4 4 years,okke.
whatever pn,happi blated la eyh.seemed u got ur first bday cake from che kuyah.=)
miss all of u.
al the besh 4 ur fnal.
u+che kuyah+ja+others.
please t8 ur fnal seriously.

September 5, 2009

the end is just the bEgiNNing~

at last,the mid sem's exam was over!
the weights in the head,gone~
but,it's just 4 a while,that's 4 sure.
towards the real battle=final.
we're so xcited,then took pictures as many as we could=)
macam nak kua pasum pulak..haha!
wat i realized,n us,banyak gler agi nak kna cover in 4 weeks tymes~
it isn't enuf~to master all,if we dun t8 it seriously.
"yg da lpas,lpasla..concentrate on final lak"
xkesahla marks either high or low,it's just 20% compared to 80% for the final~
not saying it's not vital,yet it still bringing our marks+tampal2 ape yg patut~
if i sacrificed this much for the mid sem,i cant imagine it is for the final~
shudnt+shudnt+shudnt waste my tyme taw,which i maself not sure that i'll use it effectively.
can't think much.
aisyah is looking me blogging this wif her desperate .eyes=P
+can't stop thinking bout the unfinished tutorials too.
ya Allah,beri kami kekuatan when the result is out.

July 30, 2009

oups,correction!this's the 'last' post

"studying never has a limit.of course studying is hard, terrible bla bla bla whatsoever. but then, future is more important. and aiming for a better future needs a lot of sacrifices and sacrifices and sacrifices. right dear?"

so, i must sacrifices;)
readers,correction,since this is my last post,so,this is my last post laa;P..
not the 1 b4...hehe~

lea,the same goes to me...ur blog is among my feveret=)..i updated mine this monim,after reading urs...i heard dat u must perform well 4 ur ausmat?let becomes enemy again..;p..n then u'll do ur best..haha!no need pun lea...bcause u're olready can do the best,still:)..hey,wat offer?i didnt noe,n i DONT an alpharian,i guessss??,it meant either u or me,or it's really both of us???..but still,the faith had been decided;)...HE noe better than we do,rite?..u noe wat??..yeah2..i admit,bein each other's enemy is sweet..[sweet ek??]...haha!n the 1 i lyke to remember was,of course when we competed on chess;P....i dont noe why i won,because honestly,i olwez bet that u beat me...the exam results,i'd nva proud i believe,even when i got 1st..the reasons why it wasn't u,was just the careless mistakes..n it's just took a lil bit differences on marks,rite?..except in addmath laa...[shhsshhh;p]..n noe wat of our teachers,compared us because i was late in finishing the works while u have had...personally,i thought,cannotlaa...sbb pembolehubah tue,dah dimanipulasi daa...hehe~=P...we werent classmates n the subject' quotas pn laem..taw dop...u can't imagine how i felt on the moment..i'd nva want to fight sumbody else in academic or exam or watsoever if i can't beat that sum1,i'll stress,from dat moments,i had to...n yup,u admitted kan...we're enemy...=)...olwes n olwes...haha!..
n hey!i wanna letting the cat out the bag now..when we're approachim our spm,u'd ur own tymetable,kan?remember?..n plis allowed me to mencontohi anda...[not copy eyh??]..even i'd olready copy it..haha!...sori3...erm...seems we're havim our own secret laa...hee~but takut xberkat,ubah2 gop laa dat tymetable...i'm da 1 who couldnt fixed to tymetable!suatu mase dahulu...;p
n ur cousin,i think i wont found him...hayat students=800++...n u noela ur fren hop ni ni,quite penyenyap laa kea...hehe~but,maybe,someday...who noes=)..eyh,i love ur spec,i tried to find it,but maybe the model had been sold out....lucky u=)
*ehem!ur prs uniform wud be our memories daa rasa'y..xterhantar2;p...*

~gud luck in everitim,kayh..struggle 4 ur ausmat..:)
to ppah,happy birthday...sweet 18th...6t ade rezeki,kite jumpe 6t k..

real shut down,
*shut down*

May 15, 2009

remember me??

hee~it's kuyah's novel's title atc,
which i finished in two days!!~444 pages;)
no wonder it's best should, ok..hahaha
mmg besh!=)
[novel the lord of the ring xtaw ble nak abes2...];)

lot of things hepen laa..
but now i'm enjoying maself readim ghejak's blog;)..he's startin bloggin egen~exem da abes,ya?? ^^

mentioning [n not to mention all] wat hepen yesterday~
+really have a gud tyme wif kuyah n ca
+eyy,akan ku buktikan i'll survive ok che afif ye!haha!
+i'm buying a beautiful ring curved 'S'...;) i though kuyah din realize it laa,rite??well,she did choose me better...;p
+the day b4 yesterday?=congr8 to everi1 yg dapat cheque 500 tue
+tenkiu to mejja 4 informin kuyah~
+adam+apih+mJ+mc T is studyin together2 egen![alpharian kumpul2 c2 ye?...]
+meetin pokka+faryzal at the bowling site
+wahaha!i'm gonna have my twilight book soon???...faryzal promoted it laa..
+i have to buy ca a book next year for his pezen...eragorn??...hope i cud find it n i hope my money can afford it laa...thats 4 sure...
+mistakes m8 us better,kan??...cheer la nyn~

**yah,dop umah,jgn borim2 ye~hahahaa~


i wasssssss riiiiittttteeee!!!
i know i was riiteee!!!
i'm rittteee!!
my 'um-mates' will 'leave' me..
faryzal'll go for the oversea offer=mara
daoh=will continue his rpkj?
paiz=will continue his??...[i hope not]...;p
ih,meh join ore;p


May 10, 2009

oversea=accept oR decLine?

alhamdullilah...i got oversea offer[ jpa] fot dentistry~
but,it was unexpected that i was so berat hati to decline it...
to click 'menolak tawaran' button...
i know...i had decided it...and i know,i have to click on it~..
in the end?tutup page tue...haha...xtekan gapow2~..
biarla dulu...
i think,at last,i'll decline the offer jgak...;(
orang laen keep advising me to pk btol2..
making me more berat hati la...
nak terima ke tolak ni???...
nak terima and biler trime surat,x gi??

tolak kowt~
nyn,i've already made the decision okay...
whatever pun,akan ade jgak halangan kalau trima pn..
short word,xleh g oversea!
give the offer for the 1 who really want it n boleh pegi sane=)

ala,lau ade rezeki,xkan ke mana..
just accept it,k?;)
u have already prepared for this..
blaja btol2 even lam negara~
struggle btol2~
study molek2;)
pegi dgn penuh smgt k~untuk blaja~
'sama' je blaja kat mana2..yg penting usaha+pointer tinggi
aim for that!

9 may
abe puddeen and arwah aten bday..
alfatihah to her...
still,vividly remembered,she brought a cake to our classmate this nite
[9 may 2008]
and i was the 1 yg suapkan dye;(

sheewon,mimi n others,
blaja btol2 6t kat matrix=)
nyn,kte dahla masuk dafta lewat,so,kire da tetinggal la from others..
focuz study,k;)
that's wat shud i do~
prove that,lau lam ngra pn,blaja pn okay;)

May 8, 2009

graduation day~

canT be xplained by words;)
the reminiscences stay~

May 4, 2009

pasum~here i comE=)


TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:

KOD : M0010

i'm 4 days late..but here it is..the result was out finally..the 1 which i'm fond of all this while..alhamdullillah...=)..the 1st choice of mine~..
but i'm not that excited la...bcause i can say that i'm quite alone....pemilihan mmg tough r this year...huk3..omar got sumtin else~kuyah pn..
but those who'll join me, are faryzal n ja...but i think,it doesn't change anything..because they'll go for the oversea,i'm alone again...sob3...except for paiz, ain and dot dot..[he did not allow me to tell any1 larh...;p]..they're already there for the rpkj programme...rpkj ni...programme 4 semester for those yg dapat scholarship jpa untuk g jepun...~
whatever it is...i'll struggle hard and smart once again because the journey did not stopped when the spm examination was over....aaaaaa!!!xigt sume doh niiiiii!!!!!!.....addmath+phy+chemistry...
the 1 which i worrrrriiieeed much=addmath...or will be called as math soon...zaid wont there anymore to teach me all sort of sketch my task paper wif all the cutie stuff...;(

by the way,today,the registration date is confirmed on 25 may 2009,the first monday of the final week of may...2 semester+the 12th college..i have 3 weeks more to be physically and mentally prepared....but,how about...intelligence prepared??.....*scream***...i lost everitim...;p..hahahaha!for my frens who are choosing matrix...u're goin to register on 11 may,rite?? week!...thus,njoy urself at home sepenuhnya this week=)

so,i hope,instead of choosing perlis matriculation[and oversea offer if i'll get this] over pasum,i do the best choice:)..i should admit if a little fear crept into mine,as to be the best among the BEST here,is sooo hard....~kak sara penah kata kan...mmg kna struggle n xleh maen2 kat sini~..kak sya pn..the other blogger pn..short word,blaja betol2+jgn maen2 la kan....;)...n wat's unique at pasum,the FUN is there...although we're fighting for our each other battle..

tomorrow is our rehearsal day for our graduation day!
c u there,friends!~~