September 5, 2009

the end is just the bEgiNNing~

at last,the mid sem's exam was over!
the weights in the head,gone~
but,it's just 4 a while,that's 4 sure.
towards the real battle=final.
we're so xcited,then took pictures as many as we could=)
macam nak kua pasum pulak..haha!
wat i realized,n us,banyak gler agi nak kna cover in 4 weeks tymes~
it isn't enuf~to master all,if we dun t8 it seriously.
"yg da lpas,lpasla..concentrate on final lak"
xkesahla marks either high or low,it's just 20% compared to 80% for the final~
not saying it's not vital,yet it still bringing our marks+tampal2 ape yg patut~
if i sacrificed this much for the mid sem,i cant imagine it is for the final~
shudnt+shudnt+shudnt waste my tyme taw,which i maself not sure that i'll use it effectively.
can't think much.
aisyah is looking me blogging this wif her desperate .eyes=P
+can't stop thinking bout the unfinished tutorials too.
ya Allah,beri kami kekuatan when the result is out.

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