April 19, 2009



they're all mixed..;(
i kept thinking bout others..i should,but if it blocked me,should i??..xyahla kot..ngee~
[kalau xpaham,jgn pahamkan,ok;p]..hee~

i'm sorry people if i can't stop myself from answering the questions..which they're not really questions~they're arahan!..ntahla..
i should not hope that all human should be like i want..ade ke cam2??haha!
kite jgn harapkan org laen bersyukur,p kite dulu~

i felt that i'm waiting for sumtin..but seriously,i don't know,what's that??
the date of the registration??
the second week of may??
i can't wait of the start of our new lesson,but i realized,the [precious] holiday would end soon n i should appreciate every little moments wif my family~
i really meant it~precious=)
all this while, when the nite comes, i can sleep beside my sisters..certainly,without fears! eventhough the lite is OFF!haha..kat scul,bilik prefex mesti xtutup lampu sbb me la!!
i refused to!..hahhaaa!!!
n all the activities~i do wat i want to do..

then,about my scul's graduation,comfirm ke end of april??
unbelievable je ;p

lagi...i'm sorry la people...i do remember to all of you...but macam kak eno..kak eno!kite sama la..=)..i din really like SMSing..the keypad of my hp are too hard la..hehe~
jadi alasan pulak..
n the 'people' yg berkaitan?...i noe,they're not reading here..hehe~

rasa macam..
i'm free from anitim..but i don't~
n i knoe,i don't..
i'm juz,okay je skarang..tp, seemed cpat moody la~

~rasa relieved jgak blei xprez kat sini...=) ~
sekali skala,story2 kat sini best jgak..ngeh3...=D

notes=yeay2!!!kuyah is having her upax number!!hepi2=)
=the another award,next post,yup~

gud n8=)


madhiah said...

but x rmai yg tau..,

mayb wanna keep it secret...

ainin said...

pulak dah...
ramai skunk gna upax...
so,rasa'y xkan jd scret sbb yah akan guna gak pahni..ngeh3..
ehem!buffday sape arini???....;p

miss syazliana said...

haha..kak kuyah gne upax??hehe..
aper ni kak men secret2..hohoh