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April 17, 2010

officially ex-pasum~


well,it's over~
n unbelievable.i'm expasum now~
extremely happy when my family came to um wif their red dress n tshirts.
it's just a coincidence,i noe~
but i dun noe why red affect me much.always.=)
n,a lot of thank to my brother in law,
i noe he's tired.
for our family's outing to petrosains klcc.
we're lyke children.tati pom;p

to talk about pasum,indeed it'll be a long talk.
shortly,it taught me many things.
to runtuhkan all da prinsipss2+bina all da new 1,wif da islamic view,
i thanks um.
Allah is of course laa~

thanks to ummah,uyu+others.=)
to my close friends.
che wani,tifa,auni,mira,sarah,ruqaiyah,izyan,suha,soha, etc.
x1 classmate,
farisha,fareha,farhana,marina,jila,azlah,fiqah,farah,n all=)

to meet all the bright+genius students all around malaysia,
i thanks to:
  • da 1 who always give the tazkirah at 12th surau,apids students specially.
  • da 1 who always help me in tutorials,labs n all,farisha.
  • da 1 dat always listen to my worries n cries,wani+tifa
  • da 1 supporting me,unconditional love,ummah~
  • da 1 dat taught me to love frens without conditions,but just because of Allah=syahirah.
  • taught me to love alquran recitation than other songs.
  • da 1 dat say,"kamu boleh,sempat lagi"
  • da 1 dat jaga mata.those people,i respect much~
  • da 1 yg jaga iqtilat+frenship between gurls n boys.well,i learnt much too.
  • those groups that=study comes first.
  • da 1 yg jaga solat malam.
  • those who jaga solat=awal waktu~
  • those yg kalau bagi ayat quran 4 hafal2,they digest quick.Ya Allah,they t8 care of their heart.bersihnya hati korang,senang nak hafal ayat2 Allah~
  • da 1 yg sleep only few hours,realizing their 'debt',in studies specially,to Islam,to their parents.
  • my room8,to be neat all the tyme.
  • n all of them.honestly, i learnt MUCH.
  • bye2 PASUM.i've to confess,i fall in love wif u=)
  • but,i wont be faithful,i'm sorry ;p

i'll upd8 more=).my promise to kuyah too~

February 13, 2010

when ppah lent me her laptop.

  • at ipba again.thanks ppah amek sy dkat kolej 12;)
  • havim such a great tyme pampering maself with nur kasih epsode 18th+19th.
  • 19th episode is da best=)
  • happy holiday shume,but i'm da 1 dat wud be here.
  • tati gonna marry next month.
  • whoever yg balik on 14th march,sila datang yup!UNIC is comin too=)
  •,is da final.6 weeks to go!
  • golden nite?huh.i'm not too excited on that.
  • i'm goin to wear my f3's dinner baju krg only,since i've nver wear it here.
  • i find that i can't resist pah's laptop when i'm here.;p
  • i noe nab wont read mine,but slamat terbang,ya!
  • it's true,it wont be da same again.even frens,everitim is changim.
  • to all,Allah sentiasa rindukan hambanya~
  • rasa mcam nak tukar blog je.nak tuka background xleh.
  • we're headim to mid now.atm machine wasn't workim;(
  • parents+family.i do love u=)
  • last,thanks ppah.4 everitim.
..ala..sygnya nk ttup nur kasih ni..
lehan,jgn jeles;P

January 4, 2010


i just returned from the camp.
which left us deeply stabbed.
stabbed wif our responsibilities.
not to mention that,
we'd a very great moment.
got in sungai congkak.
the crystal,clear+FREEZING water!
landim2 lazily since we went into shallow part=)
feelim so desperate to send our pictures to my brothers at home for their jealousy to keep flooding.
they rily miss this sort of things kan.
'fear factor part'
we'd to eat bawang putih yg fresh2 tue.
psst=i hide it,okke ;p
cake 'coffee' which i can't finish it.,luckily,xmuntahkan balik.
ntah recipe ape~
masuk sungai 4 pagi~+muhasabah diri.
kalau ade org yg kna seksa kat kubur hya krana sbb pengcungkil gigi,
sbb dye xmintaq@ x amanah jga kayu2 yg dye jadikan pgcgkil gigi tue,
yg byk gle dosa ni?

this 3 days 2 nites camp.
we'll remember it.
suprisingly,i learn to love PASUM bit by bit.
thanks to my family+cmud.
n ALL because of ALLAH.

it's enormously,nice trip.
but time won't allow me to mention it here.
but it's such a sweet reminiscence.
i like UIA at nite~=)
n cmud's room too=)
thanks 4 all.
feel guilty coz kcau dorang midsem;(
sowie taw.

hope we could remember+manfaatkan sume2 what we get here.
Ya Allah,KAU berkatikanlah,ya Allah.
eratkan ukhuwwah antara kami.

ainin,stay focuz.
mid sem approachim near.,

October 31, 2009

"anybody's here?"...*i'm back*

so,here i am.
tman+kacau daun my sister n her fiance' to be shoppin2 for their day.
the engagement rings,of course=)
feel lucky larh to ikot skali..haha!
xkan berdua,slaen ade yg ke3...let's the 3rd be me.
n guess wat?
ate together in 1 room wif malik noor at tempat makan td.
4got eyh nma.hee~
final,at last,abesh jgak..
1 sem finished!che atomen kta "cpat'y"....yeah3...n i hope it's cud be shorter.
i wishED.
but now,i wish,it cud be longer...i haven't any idea how the time in the asasi gone too fast.TOO FAST.i'd realised it after the fnal.too late.
about the exam?
wont talked bout this here.
let's the faith decide.
but i'm not doin my besh,which wrinkled me burdens.
i dunno why.n i just tot 'it's determined to be like this'
dun say "if i do this n dat,i'll dis n dat"
because it'll lead to the way of satan.

If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust. (al-Imran, ayat 160)

muet's waits me in the end of the week.
sopmo xleh tgk nur kasih~but i hope we reach um as early as possible,rite che wani=)
n watch it when the nite comes.
biarpun next after the day,the exam starts at 7.30 a.m.
n home again=)

have many things to do.
but will the chances allow me to?

che ilia,i'm sooryy 4 not wishim u.
to 4get ur day,is IMPOSSIBLE 4 me.we're clazzmate 4 4 years,okke.
whatever pn,happi blated la eyh.seemed u got ur first bday cake from che kuyah.=)
miss all of u.
al the besh 4 ur fnal.
u+che kuyah+ja+others.
please t8 ur fnal seriously.

September 5, 2009

the end is just the bEgiNNing~

at last,the mid sem's exam was over!
the weights in the head,gone~
but,it's just 4 a while,that's 4 sure.
towards the real battle=final.
we're so xcited,then took pictures as many as we could=)
macam nak kua pasum pulak..haha!
wat i realized,n us,banyak gler agi nak kna cover in 4 weeks tymes~
it isn't enuf~to master all,if we dun t8 it seriously.
"yg da lpas,lpasla..concentrate on final lak"
xkesahla marks either high or low,it's just 20% compared to 80% for the final~
not saying it's not vital,yet it still bringing our marks+tampal2 ape yg patut~
if i sacrificed this much for the mid sem,i cant imagine it is for the final~
shudnt+shudnt+shudnt waste my tyme taw,which i maself not sure that i'll use it effectively.
can't think much.
aisyah is looking me blogging this wif her desperate .eyes=P
+can't stop thinking bout the unfinished tutorials too.
ya Allah,beri kami kekuatan when the result is out.

July 21, 2009

a post before postS

i start to feel the boulder within me in blogging~for some reasons;P..haha~

3 days to go;)
n i'll blogggiiinnggg,bloggggiingg,n blloooggggiiingg...??
lots more to study,mid sem approaching near~
tomorrow=algebra's test~
bio n calculus tests were over;)
i told fareha that i wanna study chemistry here,now~
..see,i find it isn't...;p
i realized that i miss school much lately;(
my juniors,enjoy urs~

there's really barrier inside;;
tutorials+study give me this feeling~
i think,i better stop..n to be continued at home..;)

-finish algebra
calculus=tutorial 7+study 1-6 for midsem~
the extra questions~

lab report!


~i miss my frens~
wat's they're doin now~

June 15, 2009


now at the bk1[bilik komputer 1]
i've to use simple2 words~so kalut~haha!

so far;
-today is my first tutorial n the first day yg kna ikot btol2 jadual..indeed,it's a packed 1..
-i found maself feelim=stress2,wif muet td~(++)..dunno how to feel larh..taakuut~
-my roomate takut kucink=she's total opposite of me;)
-i manage to sleep late again!haha!
-the tutorial+task gettin more~
-i'm changin my no into maxis,that's xplain why if u can't contact me lately~
-haida n ain are staying alone in their room because of their roommate quited pasum~be brave gurls=)

senior askri,
i'm in the hayat 2..yup2,malam penutup kat dtc~
sejjjuukk n soo tired kna berulang alik 3,4 kali in a day pegi sana~!!tp,bestlaaa;)
give me advices~to be lyke u..a 4 flat student;)

sory,ya,bloggers,i can't reply to ur comments;(
but i rily miss all of u~
i dun have much tyme here...see,i dun edit pn this entry,rite??

pleaassssseeeeee~~pray 4 me~

June 8, 2009


(read in haziq"s tone in syurga cinta movie..);)

wahaha...xcited2~after almost 3 weeks berpisah ng tenet..sob3..
i thought that i'll start blogging again in next month~[at home laaa]
but,here i am;)
guess where am i??...;););) wink2~
at um's main library;)
it's a grand 1...tgn da sakit sbb sejjjhhoouukk..
punyalah jauh nak datang sini..

lots of story to b told,but surely,time wonT allow me to~
first,bout pasum~
i din really get xcited on my first arrived..
it's far different bout wat i'd expected..
more than thousands got here,paling ramai dalam sejarah um...even the pp(fasilitator) got shocked bout the amount~
pasum [or shud i say,dewan tunku caunsellor] n the kolej kediaman really made us tired all over the day,because of the distance~specially in the haluansiswa week...jauhhhh gllerrrr taww~~
most of us pakai baju kurung wif sport shoes,ok!
but now,we can fully accept it[yeke??]..haha!

the students?
800+ for hayat students~
the competition will be so tough~
feelim soo kerdil here~

4 subjects but they're divided into 2..
i gonna sit for 8 papers,rasanya~

ok kowt~
but at first,wahaha~
lecture style is fffaaaarrrr diiifffeeerrreeenntt wif teacher's style at school~
no,no...even a little bit,no~
study,on ur own~
on ur own+on ur own+on ur own~
hati kecil prays~[harap2 laa blei survive sini....huk3...]

lyke kak eno said,it flows cam air je~

kolej kediaman?
so far,i'm contented bout it~
2 people in a room+own study desk,a wide 1+notice board+balkoni;););)
in front of mine,is a lake~it's a beautiful view at nite~
but,opposite is the boys' hostel...;(
n here also,got a view of those bangunan tinggi2~
menara telekom?..;)
kl tower+klcc,kna g mid valley dulu...;P

my room8,she really can stand wif the light on when we're sleeping...ngeh3;)
a kind 1;)
n the cafe,it is just a stone's throw..


first tyme went to ayah su's house~
no words can describe bout it;)
but i just can only say~
they're a beautiful family,
in a beautiful house,
own a beautiful life;)

thanks 4 da baju kurung+a nite spent there~

i donT noe,when will this blog be updating again~
it wasn't a lie, the subjects taught went sooo faassstt~
this week,there's no tutorial yet,so,QUITE relax sket~
but next week,the timetable will be from 8 to 5pm...n the nite should be fullfilled wif tutorial task+study yg tomorrow+revise yg be4 this+etc~

the competition is so tough.really.i donT noe how to say more.
i'm afraid.yup,i'm afraid.i'm afraid n i'm afraid.i cant imagine what wud happen if i can't,i must study.
ayah su said i must got 4.1;)
i'll try my besh.

~ya me~
~kejayaan milik hambanya yg berusaha~

*ghelie,thanks 4 da bill+n the journey;)*
*ghejak,thanks 4 that in ur blog;)*
*tati,thanks 4 da picture+to4;)*

May 21, 2009

::my tuRn after the otherS::

majoriti sume g esop~
mostly sape2 yg dapat uitm n uia
but me pom g esop gop..haha=D
not to um,but JB first~
johor bahru,here i come=)
first tyme nak g kat ghelie~
then g kat ghejak kat shah alam~
then,the registration day..

short word,tonite is the final nite i'm blogging at home..sob3
10% packim isn't completed yet..
will be completed tomorrow,4 sure~

soon,be berpisah wif these;frenster+blog+facebook+the internet thingie la..
i wonder how would be the feeling be blogging at the cc soon...*wonder*
or i shall be busy studying?

have to wake up+attend the lecture!morning till evening..
gonna study the bio+chem+phy+math aaagggaaaiiinnnn....!
*haish,5 months xsentuh buku ni maccammane*
finishing my assignmentSSSS~
'brain2,speed2 again taw+active2 balik taw'
'legs,u've to walk here n there,be ready,kay?'

'attention level,raise again,des?..hahhaa!'
'eating tyme,ermmmm~ni yg cerewet sket'

'sleep at nite?..wua~hope xhomesyik,nak tido next to my sist,hope my room8 can stand sleeps wif the light on,could she?'..*hopin 4 this*
'homesyik,pegi jauh2'
'have to biase2 kan balik sleep late+w8 up early'

blaja btol2 k=)
the others da start study daa especially the matrix students..~
compared to them,mmg tertinggal dah..
compared to the utp students,lagilaa~
"niat tue kna btol,niat tue kna ikhlas..pegi nak blaja taw"
[advices from the 'putik' hall]=)
aim for the pointer k?
focus2 taw=)
ehhemm!!survive+stand on my own feet;)
jgn maen2 k,not to enjoy larh dtg cni~
dulu,can't wait rite to further my study egen?
so,now,u've to manfaatkan that eagernez k?
[atc,daa terbiasa kat umah ni~] haha!
whatever pn,eager as much as possible k?
be xcited!=)

^^~_sTudy modE_~^^

~bloggers,c u from there soon,k~

May 10, 2009

'jagalah' Allah,nescaya Allah akan menjaGa kamu~

millions of thanks to oma=)
i was so relieved to know it..
i'm converting jpa oversea scholarship into jpa local scholarship!!
he asked me to call the jpa~
so,it could not be said that i declined the offer;)
~pujuk hati,heheh..~
at least,dgn makna kata laen,terima jgak kan;)
that means,i got jpa when i'm studying at the asasi until i finish my degree=)
that means,i rily goin to do dentistry soon~
i'm not goin to apply it twice la pahni~

"tapi awak kna maintain la...kalau x,kna tarik"

3.5 and above is a must for me for every sem
please nyn~
xbole maen2 ok..
or u noe ape akn jadi~
ghejak!i wanna be lyke u,okkeyh=)

=jagalah Allah,NESCAYA Allah akan menjaga kamu=
[be confident wif this!]

May 4, 2009

pasum~here i comE=)


TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:

KOD : M0010

i'm 4 days late..but here it is..the result was out finally..the 1 which i'm fond of all this while..alhamdullillah...=)..the 1st choice of mine~..
but i'm not that excited la...bcause i can say that i'm quite alone....pemilihan mmg tough r this year...huk3..omar got sumtin else~kuyah pn..
but those who'll join me, are faryzal n ja...but i think,it doesn't change anything..because they'll go for the oversea,i'm alone again...sob3...except for paiz, ain and dot dot..[he did not allow me to tell any1 larh...;p]..they're already there for the rpkj programme...rpkj ni...programme 4 semester for those yg dapat scholarship jpa untuk g jepun...~
whatever it is...i'll struggle hard and smart once again because the journey did not stopped when the spm examination was over....aaaaaa!!!xigt sume doh niiiiii!!!!!!.....addmath+phy+chemistry...
the 1 which i worrrrriiieeed much=addmath...or will be called as math soon...zaid wont there anymore to teach me all sort of sketch my task paper wif all the cutie stuff...;(

by the way,today,the registration date is confirmed on 25 may 2009,the first monday of the final week of may...2 semester+the 12th college..i have 3 weeks more to be physically and mentally prepared....but,how about...intelligence prepared??.....*scream***...i lost everitim...;p..hahahaha!for my frens who are choosing matrix...u're goin to register on 11 may,rite?? week!...thus,njoy urself at home sepenuhnya this week=)

so,i hope,instead of choosing perlis matriculation[and oversea offer if i'll get this] over pasum,i do the best choice:)..i should admit if a little fear crept into mine,as to be the best among the BEST here,is sooo hard....~kak sara penah kata kan...mmg kna struggle n xleh maen2 kat sini~..kak sya pn..the other blogger pn..short word,blaja betol2+jgn maen2 la kan....;)...n wat's unique at pasum,the FUN is there...although we're fighting for our each other battle..

tomorrow is our rehearsal day for our graduation day!
c u there,friends!~~