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June 12, 2011

books & lab & bacteria & labcoat

ohh,she's raisha & she's a gurl:P

i found nana's & apiz's blog.
& i copy+edit this.

first year:
  • sem 1= PART 1
  • red crescent society 1 (HBU114)
  • islamic and asian civilization (CTU551)
  • presentation skill (BEL492)
  • anatomy dan fisiology (ANP403)
  • fundamentals of genetics and cellular biology (MLT412)
  • fundamentals of immunology (MLT413)
  • general biochemistry (MLT414)
  • fundamentals of mikrobiology (MLT415)

  • sem 2 = PART 2
  • red crescent society 2 (HBU124)
  • ethnic relations (CTU553)
  • reading and research (BEL442)
  • laboratory technique 1 (MLT418)
  • clinical mikrobiology 1 (MLT425)
  • clinical chemistry 1 (MLT426)
  • clinical specimen collection (MLT431)
  • occupational safety and health (ENV447)
first year done! :)

i'm here.

second year:
i'm looking forward for these,this sept
  • sem 3 = PART 3
  • red crescent society 3 (HBU134)
  • mandarin language 1 (BMD401)
  • clinical mikrobiology 2 (MLT455)
  • clinical chemistry 2 (MLT456)
  • haematology 1 (MLT458)
  • laboratort technique 2 (MLT460)

  • sem 4 = PART 4
  • mandarin language 2 (BMD451)
  • histological techniques (MLT428)
  • immunohaematology 1 (MLT475)
  • clinical chemistry 3 (MLT476)
  • haematology 2 (MLT478)

3rd year:
  • (also practical part~)
  • sem 5 = PART 5
  • mandarin language 3 (BMD501)
  • clinical parasitology (MLT501)
  • immunohaematology 2 (MLT502)
  • clinical virology (MLT503)
  • cytology (MLT504)

  • sem 6 = PART 6
  • technopreneuship (ENT600)
  • health psycology (HPY450)
  • biostatics (HPY560)
  • advanced laboratory diagnosetics (MLT525)
  • clinical practice 1 (MLT526)

final year:
  • sem 7 = PART 7
  • research methodology (HPY570)
  • health information system (HPY555)
  • clinical laboratory management (MLT529)
  • case studies and critical journal analysis (MLT556)
  • managment and safety of toxic substance (ENV401)

  • sem 8 = PART 8
  • project (HPY590)
  • clinical practice 2 (MLT586)

December 29, 2010

thirteen but fourteen~

click for growth:P

yah,we gotta do the same thing!
counting days!
2 full days more.

this blog will be updated b4 that 1 jan 2011.

i have 24 plus minus of ghedin's edited pictures of tayu,started from day 1
i think he wanna me to upload them here.
time wont allow me to,now.
bags n loads of clothes wait me more.:D
n also,
che wani,i already sent urs.

tanyalah ustaz today:
"doctors hunts knowledge in treating thousands of diseases.
the same goes to penyakit hati; bakhil n others
it needs also knowledge+ilmu in treating this.
also iman.
because iman is the strength for us to act.

puncak alam already in view.
there's where my life will be like always insyaallah.
this holiday give me conclusion:
rumah buat kerja rumah
kuliah buat kerja kuliah:D

*being heartless is still preferable i think,4 my own sake:D
sorry for the fragility.
i'm ok :)

batu caves stairs,prm,fsk,ff,om n others
i can see them now:)

puncak alam here i come:D

July 15, 2010

super secret.

with new bag:D
with housem8s.
where i got new name:D
when happiness fulfilled in the atmosphere:D

revealing super secret.
b4 i arrived,i was praying hard that

"ya ALLAH,bless me the best course FOR ME,best university FOR ME"

HE gives me medical lab,my father chose 4 me=)
uitm puncak alam,uitm my mother's choice.
and at the same time,my choice.thats the important 1=)

even single things,
"ya Allah,bless me the best block,the best level,the best house,the best housemates,the best roomate FOR ME"
yup.because,the best FOR ME,not 4 other person~
because He's the only 1 who knows me correctly,accurately,precisely,
than me myself.
He gives me all of that.ALL
nice housemates+nice roomate.
who make me cant help laughing the whole day.
one that i rarely did at pasum.
yet,pasum REALLY taught me many things.LOTS.
n i appreciates all of that.i'll never 4get that.i promise.

my roomate is the 1 who contributes to the jokes.:D

jangan banyak ketawa.6t mati hati=)
"jika kamu tahu apa yang aku tahu,nescaya kamu akn banyak menangis,n kurang ketawa"~
thus,be balances=))

so,dear frens,dont worry about me.
i dislike"xpela nyn"
bcause i'm so accepting the faith.i'm enough happy here.
thanks to HIM.

anatomy double triple mood.
nak abeskan all the handout.
they're all studying~

thus,believes in Allah.
He's now.whenever.wherever.

July 13, 2010

no blog when books need me first:D.babai~


i love hot n spicy

huh!it's confirmed i'm not into's likes i eat tons of chilly~
tears+cant talk at all:D


blog ranks first,study second

no blog when piles of assignment+revision.babai.
they own my love first:)))


i dislike kak aisah


respect+honoured,she'll get them from us.
she's so nice+kind++++
books+pdf+past years+++
when others dont know yet our seniors,my roomate was.
aida's lucky.
saya tumpang sekaki:))
Ya Allah,masukkan kami dalam keberkatanMu~

**they start to call me sofia:D:D:D
**tapi,bla sy free2,6t sy jumpa kamu yup,my bloggie+bloggers.

July 8, 2010

passions runs deep.

accompanied one of my friend who wanna changes her course met timbalan dekan :)
he's so nice.n i was fond of his talk.
of course about MLT,he's 1 of the lecturers dulu.
i cant denied of my feelings+uninvited thought when seniors started to tell it in side which i dont wanna listen.
tapi,course ni mmg susah pn kan.haha~~
yup2.but,but,but we'll pass!
i asked"what do u think about MLT?"
"well,it's a good subject@course+my exstudent who'll furtherg his study soon at Australia for his master message me this morning.*while showing+reading the text*he's from the first batch of MLT"
+u know what?we malays are pampered.
they western 18 and above dah jadi ape ntah.dah buat ape dah.kita?dekat bawah ketiak mak+abah agie.
our mentality sgt rendah,ini xboleh,itu xboleh.
i'd met sum1 in the heavy snow,dont know where he wanted to go,well,he's independent.+bcause they dah biasa talk to strangers.+plus+plus
u're lucky,in Malaysia,understands what others say.
we're in our,xkan benda biasa2 xblei buat?
i have my student of 10a1 spm get first honoured student~

wah.mmg sgt2 best larh=)
dia baek larh~
kalau bukan sbb kaunselor tue nak tolong,tomorrow we gonna head to uitm shah alam for TNC pulak.:D

* we feel uneasy to collect at least 10 signatures of meltech's seniors for our meltech's seniors+juniors day.aish~~

keje dah mula banyak~

happy bday cmud+farhe.sweet 19th okke=)

July 6, 2010


alhamdullilah.gettin better.thanks to my roomate,aida+dini[housemate] for teman2 g klinik tadi.klinik uitm puncak alam lawa=) xabeh2 lawa:D.
today's lecture?erm~~i just can say=okela.unexplainable.mcm lecture2 org2 laen jgak.haha.alhamdullilah lecturer2 baek2.
1 thing 4 sure.can't wait to see kak ijan.btw,she's on differ course.[bila nak jumpa kak ijan comel2 ni]=)
tadi jumpa kak aji je pun.excited enuf^^
attended a night talk"biar jadi orang" by persatuan rakan masjid*PRM with housemates just now at dewan kolej angsana.
wah.i'm so happy.i repeat,housemates=)
hopin for the other next time.
got so jealous tiba2 bila boys have their bidadari at the hereafter world,but what about the gurls?wildan??'s all about biological things of the human beings,boys and gurls.
how's and what they're concerned+attracted.
tapi..tapi..tapi...xtaw tibe2 je jeles.=(. siyes.
ade sape2 bole pujuk x?
i meant,from islamic view~more facts.banyak2 ganjaran for the gurls juga.;p
**zaujah ustaz tue+baby dia comel sgt=)))

callin 4 my parents this evening.
abah said"study ok x?6t ni pakai yg *** taw"
*let the stars be left unknown.
wah.i'm hopin so,for that.but no one can go against Allah's destiny,rite?
we're just praying that our destiny+faith are the best,
and for myself,the best in here.


::happy bday zaid.sweet 19th::

passionate enough for medical lab.
kak bibi said=dont be afraid,fighting!!=))
Ya Allah.bantulah hambaMu ini.