July 15, 2010

super secret.

with new bag:D
with housem8s.
where i got new name:D
when happiness fulfilled in the atmosphere:D

revealing super secret.
b4 i arrived,i was praying hard that

"ya ALLAH,bless me the best course FOR ME,best university FOR ME"

HE gives me medical lab,my father chose 4 me=)
uitm puncak alam,uitm my mother's choice.
and at the same time,my choice.thats the important 1=)

even single things,
"ya Allah,bless me the best block,the best level,the best house,the best housemates,the best roomate FOR ME"
yup.because,the best FOR ME,not 4 other person~
because He's the only 1 who knows me correctly,accurately,precisely,
than me myself.
He gives me all of that.ALL
nice housemates+nice roomate.
who make me cant help laughing the whole day.
one that i rarely did at pasum.
yet,pasum REALLY taught me many things.LOTS.
n i appreciates all of that.i'll never 4get that.i promise.

my roomate is the 1 who contributes to the jokes.:D

jangan banyak ketawa.6t mati hati=)
"jika kamu tahu apa yang aku tahu,nescaya kamu akn banyak menangis,n kurang ketawa"~
thus,be balances=))

so,dear frens,dont worry about me.
i dislike"xpela nyn"
bcause i'm so accepting the faith.i'm enough happy here.
thanks to HIM.

anatomy double triple mood.
nak abeskan all the handout.
they're all studying~

thus,believes in Allah.
He's listening.by now.whenever.wherever.


Amirah Azyyati said...

tumpang gumbira.!!hehe, nak beg cantik ugaks

ainin said...

dye ade byk dah beg.nak jgak dye pn;p;p;p