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April 25, 2011


studying!& it's raining.

If ever I’ve been given a chance in flipping back my own life story book,
Flipping back & back & sudden stop. I would wish many pages that I’ll be allowed to stop:)
May among of the pages are on 2007’s chapter.when I was blessed with 2 tomei2 adek dorm who left preciously reminiscence on me & us.
an unexpected personality of fatin who i thought she's one that obviously serious,
but at last,rupa2nya yg bagi hard & deep curve of smile & laugh when it comes to bed.:P
one little secret hidden: i really wanna get close to u,n b4 u're choosen as prefect,i just got the chance when u borrowed my tudung for ur pidato.
Allah blessed me.He didnt just give me that.He gave us to be together in 1dorm:)
the 'speech-girl',fatin aneeda:))
syifa the excellent junior who faithfully with me in the middle of night when i was lacking in courage to stay up alone.fear of myself-built-imagination.maybe:P
&she's my music files also:) =high school musical.remember? :)

i love when laughter's in air.with both of u.& us.

my 2007 birthday's suprise,which planned by kuyah.wont 4get their blurry faces,muka xbersalah tipu org ye.
i think the kertas konyok2 ade lagi kott simpan kat umah~

terima kasih jd adek dorm yg sgt baik.sopan santun, & amat dirindui.
both of u,really,have your own part,each of u, in mine:)
sayang kamu berdua.dont eva 4get us okay!