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April 19, 2009


kak piqah gave me!! lol~comel2 sgt la,kak pqah..;)
do i deserve it??..hee~

Terms and conditions to accept this award:

~Make sure you are a FEMALE~

~List 7 reasons why do you feel lucky to be a girl~
*if i'm a boy,my name won't be [ainin sofia]..;)..n my frens won't call me ainin~..ehem,i lyke they call me ainin than others=)..dunno why..hihi..but how about.. [nyn]??..i love it!
*i can be the youngest daughter in my family!..n noe wat,it meants sumtin..;p..olwez have a chance to sleep in the middle between my sisters..ngeh3..cookin??..i could learnt it from my sisters,not showin them..if i'm a boy?? no..xleh wat gini..sbb there's paleh n lehan that's younger than me..;p
*i can try all the make-up+eye shadows+all+all and ALL!!hehe;p
*the boys' fashion is limited..but gurls??..nope!..[i say it lyke i like to berfesyen2 neh..ehem~dop pom...~
*i can 'travel' both of the hostels kat skolah faris dulu..ngeh3..the boys hostel n gurls hostel..kalau boy,xde chance sgt nak masuk hostel gurls..i did it tyme urusan prefex ;/
*i do not have to be the leader in my own family soon..u noela,i din really lyke bein a leader~..[ehhem!in certain2 cases,ok;)..]
*erm..muslimah ni,mdah masuk syurga tapi mudah jugak masuk,xtaw nak rasa lucky x dr perspektif ni..takut*

~pass this award to your girlfriends~
=kak sara=)
kak zahra..i knoe she's busy;)..neva mind
=yana=she stopped blogging ke??..*sdey*

take ur award home!!

n another award??in the next post,ya!!
nway,faryzal,hepi bday yup=)
~frens 4 eva~

n..burn came here this evening..
thanks 4 comin,ok^^