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August 23, 2010

aim for the star~

i maself suprised to find out that.
finding out that i'm lookg 4rward for being a lecturer.
prof dr ainin sofia~
well2.we'll see.

sign of the end of the world.
people's hunt for knowledge just for the sake of the position and names.
i hope that i wont be any of them.
ilmu krn Allah.

jgn mundur krn takut,padahal Allah penolong kamu.Krn i2,hendaklah kpd Allah saja org2 mukmin bertawakkal,

April 24, 2010

keeP moviN 4ward:)

*meet the Robinson*
.keep movin 4ward!.that's Louis's motto
i give 5 stars:)
best sgt.*thumb up*
well,viewed my older posts.yup,i really wrote most of all the things.
tp,itu dulu.;p
the answer 4 the question,"why not now?" is =i maself dunno.
afraid.niat lari or jd laen 4 example.
so,today's quote:
"bukan set2 ustaz je nak masuk syurga,kita pn nak masuk,ilmu fardu ain ni bukan set2 ustaz je yg kna pandai,kta pn kna pandai gak" :)),=denyut kasih medik.

"nak jaga islam,bukan org yg blaja akademii Islam ke,11A+ ke,set2 dakwah ke,set2 nerd ke,p sape yg rase dye Islam,dye la bertanggungjwb:)
xkiraala medic ke,dental ke,accountg ke,engneerg ke n etc."
to fauzan.
go 4 ur aim.6t kalau dapat mna2 pn xksah ea.but i strongly believe dat u'll get foundation or asasi dat u're olwes dream.yup.UM tough.but just do ur best.jgn leka.focus.kalau jatuh,kna bangun!.jg agama Allah:).rezeki kat mane2 je.
to asfarina.
kita sma2 jd dentist yea=).
tp,my perjuangan blom selesai lg.xtau apa yg Dia decide 4 me.
doa n tawakkal.
6t study btol2 ea.jg niat elok2.jd dentist islam.yg tgakkan agama Dia.
to scool's leavers.
4get bout ur results.xcellent or x,lupakan.spm bukan penentu segala2nya.
remember that,itu ujian.syukur ke x.
start stadi balik 6t,start zero2 balik.sungguh2 balik.
u've to bear,study lpas ni,especially kalau foundation or matrix,mmg kna struggle btol2,exceeds spm.that's 4 sure.
dont underestimate others.
prof sahar always said.those yg banyak A,blaja mcm xde A.
means,bagusla g2.that's wat we shud do.
to sbp+ mara.beware.jgn proud.sbb sume akan jd sama.kite kna spoonfed.
so,jgn asing2,kau mara,kau sbp,kau skol bese.but sume sma k:)
jaga hubungan ng Allah.+humans:).
jg akal.jg hati.jg niat.
*olwes remember kak zahra's advices:)
ainin,qusyux solat.focus studi.
ainin da besa,jg agama Allah:)
pst:ppah da ad sjil kawen ;p
saje ngenax ppah,announce sini.hehe.

May 21, 2009

::my tuRn after the otherS::

majoriti sume g esop~
mostly sape2 yg dapat uitm n uia
but me pom g esop gop..haha=D
not to um,but JB first~
johor bahru,here i come=)
first tyme nak g kat ghelie~
then g kat ghejak kat shah alam~
then,the registration day..

short word,tonite is the final nite i'm blogging at home..sob3
10% packim isn't completed yet..
will be completed tomorrow,4 sure~

soon,be berpisah wif these;frenster+blog+facebook+the internet thingie la..
i wonder how would be the feeling be blogging at the cc soon...*wonder*
or i shall be busy studying?

have to wake up+attend the lecture!morning till evening..
gonna study the bio+chem+phy+math aaagggaaaiiinnnn....!
*haish,5 months xsentuh buku ni maccammane*
finishing my assignmentSSSS~
'brain2,speed2 again taw+active2 balik taw'
'legs,u've to walk here n there,be ready,kay?'

'attention level,raise again,des?..hahhaa!'
'eating tyme,ermmmm~ni yg cerewet sket'

'sleep at nite?..wua~hope xhomesyik,nak tido next to my sist,hope my room8 can stand sleeps wif the light on,could she?'..*hopin 4 this*
'homesyik,pegi jauh2'
'have to biase2 kan balik sleep late+w8 up early'

blaja btol2 k=)
the others da start study daa especially the matrix students..~
compared to them,mmg tertinggal dah..
compared to the utp students,lagilaa~
"niat tue kna btol,niat tue kna ikhlas..pegi nak blaja taw"
[advices from the 'putik' hall]=)
aim for the pointer k?
focus2 taw=)
ehhemm!!survive+stand on my own feet;)
jgn maen2 k,not to enjoy larh dtg cni~
dulu,can't wait rite to further my study egen?
so,now,u've to manfaatkan that eagernez k?
[atc,daa terbiasa kat umah ni~] haha!
whatever pn,eager as much as possible k?
be xcited!=)

^^~_sTudy modE_~^^

~bloggers,c u from there soon,k~

May 10, 2009

'jagalah' Allah,nescaya Allah akan menjaGa kamu~

millions of thanks to oma=)
i was so relieved to know it..
i'm converting jpa oversea scholarship into jpa local scholarship!!
he asked me to call the jpa~
so,it could not be said that i declined the offer;)
~pujuk hati,heheh..~
at least,dgn makna kata laen,terima jgak kan;)
that means,i got jpa when i'm studying at the asasi until i finish my degree=)
that means,i rily goin to do dentistry soon~
i'm not goin to apply it twice la pahni~

"tapi awak kna maintain la...kalau x,kna tarik"

3.5 and above is a must for me for every sem
please nyn~
xbole maen2 ok..
or u noe ape akn jadi~
ghejak!i wanna be lyke u,okkeyh=)

=jagalah Allah,NESCAYA Allah akan menjaga kamu=
[be confident wif this!]

oversea=accept oR decLine?

alhamdullilah...i got oversea offer[ jpa] fot dentistry~
but,it was unexpected that i was so berat hati to decline it...
to click 'menolak tawaran' button...
i know...i had decided it...and i know,i have to click on it~..
in the end?tutup page tue...haha...xtekan gapow2~..
biarla dulu...
i think,at last,i'll decline the offer jgak...;(
orang laen keep advising me to pk btol2..
making me more berat hati la...
nak terima ke tolak ni???...
nak terima and biler trime surat,x gi??

tolak kowt~
nyn,i've already made the decision okay...
whatever pun,akan ade jgak halangan kalau trima pn..
short word,xleh g oversea!
give the offer for the 1 who really want it n boleh pegi sane=)

ala,lau ade rezeki,xkan ke mana..
just accept it,k?;)
u have already prepared for this..
blaja btol2 even lam negara~
struggle btol2~
study molek2;)
pegi dgn penuh smgt k~untuk blaja~
'sama' je blaja kat mana2..yg penting usaha+pointer tinggi
aim for that!

9 may
abe puddeen and arwah aten bday..
alfatihah to her...
still,vividly remembered,she brought a cake to our classmate this nite
[9 may 2008]
and i was the 1 yg suapkan dye;(

sheewon,mimi n others,
blaja btol2 6t kat matrix=)
nyn,kte dahla masuk dafta lewat,so,kire da tetinggal la from others..
focuz study,k;)
that's wat shud i do~
prove that,lau lam ngra pn,blaja pn okay;)

May 4, 2009

pasum~here i comE=)


TAHNIAH! Anda telah berjaya ditawarkan program pengajian seperti berikut:

KOD : M0010

i'm 4 days late..but here it is..the result was out finally..the 1 which i'm fond of all this while..alhamdullillah...=)..the 1st choice of mine~..
but i'm not that excited la...bcause i can say that i'm quite alone....pemilihan mmg tough r this year...huk3..omar got sumtin else~kuyah pn..
but those who'll join me, are faryzal n ja...but i think,it doesn't change anything..because they'll go for the oversea,i'm alone again...sob3...except for paiz, ain and dot dot..[he did not allow me to tell any1 larh...;p]..they're already there for the rpkj programme...rpkj ni...programme 4 semester for those yg dapat scholarship jpa untuk g jepun...~
whatever it is...i'll struggle hard and smart once again because the journey did not stopped when the spm examination was over....aaaaaa!!!xigt sume doh niiiiii!!!!!!.....addmath+phy+chemistry...
the 1 which i worrrrriiieeed much=addmath...or will be called as math soon...zaid wont there anymore to teach me all sort of sketch my task paper wif all the cutie stuff...;(

by the way,today,the registration date is confirmed on 25 may 2009,the first monday of the final week of may...2 semester+the 12th college..i have 3 weeks more to be physically and mentally prepared....but,how about...intelligence prepared??.....*scream***...i lost everitim...;p..hahahaha!for my frens who are choosing matrix...u're goin to register on 11 may,rite?? week!...thus,njoy urself at home sepenuhnya this week=)

so,i hope,instead of choosing perlis matriculation[and oversea offer if i'll get this] over pasum,i do the best choice:)..i should admit if a little fear crept into mine,as to be the best among the BEST here,is sooo hard....~kak sara penah kata kan...mmg kna struggle n xleh maen2 kat sini~..kak sya pn..the other blogger pn..short word,blaja betol2+jgn maen2 la kan....;)...n wat's unique at pasum,the FUN is there...although we're fighting for our each other battle..

tomorrow is our rehearsal day for our graduation day!
c u there,friends!~~

April 9, 2009

alfurqan-ayat 74=)

last nite ikot my mum g skol lame...there's a motivation 4 da bdak2 darjah 6..well,lame da x p attend such event...da last,i think,mser abg Raja dtg tyme lpas K.O.T..
xrugi pegi=)
touch'y tgk bdk2 laki pi cium n hugged their mum...hope diorang sume berjaya+jd anak2 soleh n solehah sumernye...
ha!,,,nak share sumtin ni...motivator tue pesan..
amalkan ayat 74 surah al-furqan..
agar dapat pasangan n anak2 yg jadi penyejuk mata n hati...
sape xnak,kan??
slamt beramal,k..

March 8, 2009

..::i loVe deNtistrY moRe thaN eVer::..

~in the cloud nine~
~happy as a lark~

wahaha..beyond wordsla last's my miracle to talk wif a dentist=)
for the 1st time...i was so confused+berbelah bagi,
in choosing either dental or tesl..

tesl is my mum's choice
n dentistry is mine=)
n here,i want to thanks kak sara 4 her advice^^..extremely suprised+excited to have her commnt=)
n thousands+millions+trillions of thanks n appreciation to my dear abg ayol's soulmate..;p
as it's because of her..i'd got a golden chance to talk wif kak nik=)

kak nik is that dentist;)..
n i got many things that i'd treasured 4 these time..

she said:
DENTIST BEST!!=)..*smile ear to ear*
jarum dentist ngan doctor laen..heee~
dun worry,6t blaja,msti bese ng jarum..;p..[i'm the 1 yg tya dye sal jarum]..haha!
kalau blaja kat usm,1st 3 year,kna blajar sma ng doctor+dental,so mmg letihla..but after that,rasa relieved sgt~
hafal2?..bese r..nma lagi side2 medic..but rlax2 je..kak nik bole je=)

doctor vs dentist
dr blaja seluruh badan,dentist blaja pggg hgga muka je=)
on call 4 dentist sket jer
job dentist lagi best than dr..ngee~
blaja dental lagi penat from doctor lau kat usm,job dye best lagi..^^

n morE~..
tenkiu banyak2+sgt2..n i think i already have my own decision~
when i say i have my decision,i HAVE my decision=)
may my decision be under HIS blessing~


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~tenkiu sume~