May 10, 2009

'jagalah' Allah,nescaya Allah akan menjaGa kamu~

millions of thanks to oma=)
i was so relieved to know it..
i'm converting jpa oversea scholarship into jpa local scholarship!!
he asked me to call the jpa~
so,it could not be said that i declined the offer;)
~pujuk hati,heheh..~
at least,dgn makna kata laen,terima jgak kan;)
that means,i got jpa when i'm studying at the asasi until i finish my degree=)
that means,i rily goin to do dentistry soon~
i'm not goin to apply it twice la pahni~

"tapi awak kna maintain la...kalau x,kna tarik"

3.5 and above is a must for me for every sem
please nyn~
xbole maen2 ok..
or u noe ape akn jadi~
ghejak!i wanna be lyke u,okkeyh=)

=jagalah Allah,NESCAYA Allah akan menjaga kamu=
[be confident wif this!]

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