April 17, 2010

officially ex-pasum~


well,it's over~
n unbelievable.i'm expasum now~
extremely happy when my family came to um wif their red dress n tshirts.
it's just a coincidence,i noe~
but i dun noe why red affect me much.always.=)
n,a lot of thank to my brother in law,
i noe he's tired.
for our family's outing to petrosains klcc.
we're lyke children.tati pom;p

to talk about pasum,indeed it'll be a long talk.
shortly,it taught me many things.
to runtuhkan all da prinsipss2+bina all da new 1,wif da islamic view,
i thanks um.
Allah is of course laa~

thanks to ummah,uyu+others.=)
to my close friends.
che wani,tifa,auni,mira,sarah,ruqaiyah,izyan,suha,soha, etc.
x1 classmate,
farisha,fareha,farhana,marina,jila,azlah,fiqah,farah,n all=)

to meet all the bright+genius students all around malaysia,
i thanks to:
  • da 1 who always give the tazkirah at 12th surau,apids students specially.
  • da 1 who always help me in tutorials,labs n all,farisha.
  • da 1 dat always listen to my worries n cries,wani+tifa
  • da 1 supporting me,unconditional love,ummah~
  • da 1 dat taught me to love frens without conditions,but just because of Allah=syahirah.
  • taught me to love alquran recitation than other songs.
  • da 1 dat say,"kamu boleh,sempat lagi"
  • da 1 dat jaga mata.those people,i respect much~
  • da 1 yg jaga iqtilat+frenship between gurls n boys.well,i learnt much too.
  • those groups that=study comes first.
  • da 1 yg jaga solat malam.
  • those who jaga solat=awal waktu~
  • those yg kalau bagi ayat quran 4 hafal2,they digest quick.Ya Allah,they t8 care of their heart.bersihnya hati korang,senang nak hafal ayat2 Allah~
  • da 1 yg sleep only few hours,realizing their 'debt',in studies specially,to Islam,to their parents.
  • my room8,to be neat all the tyme.
  • n all of them.honestly, i learnt MUCH.
  • bye2 PASUM.i've to confess,i fall in love wif u=)
  • but,i wont be faithful,i'm sorry ;p

i'll upd8 more=).my promise to kuyah too~


FAUZAN said...

ouwh..cam best je pasum..
congrats sis!
actually teringin sangat
nak masuk pasum ni..
other than uia..

ainin said...

goodluck.sume sama k.ape2 pom,yg Allah dcide 4 u,is the besh.mane2 dapat.blaja btol2.untuk islam.demi Allah.cita2 second.u'll find that all will b smooth lpas 2=)

athifah said...

yup,,dats rite..Allah always gives us the best..rndu kamu juga,,=)