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December 29, 2010

thirteen but fourteen~

click for growth:P

yah,we gotta do the same thing!
counting days!
2 full days more.

this blog will be updated b4 that 1 jan 2011.

i have 24 plus minus of ghedin's edited pictures of tayu,started from day 1
i think he wanna me to upload them here.
time wont allow me to,now.
bags n loads of clothes wait me more.:D
n also,
che wani,i already sent urs.

tanyalah ustaz today:
"doctors hunts knowledge in treating thousands of diseases.
the same goes to penyakit hati; bakhil n others
it needs also knowledge+ilmu in treating this.
also iman.
because iman is the strength for us to act.

puncak alam already in view.
there's where my life will be like always insyaallah.
this holiday give me conclusion:
rumah buat kerja rumah
kuliah buat kerja kuliah:D

*being heartless is still preferable i think,4 my own sake:D
sorry for the fragility.
i'm ok :)

batu caves stairs,prm,fsk,ff,om n others
i can see them now:)

puncak alam here i come:D

December 26, 2010

perfect four

click for the MEGA size~

watching lehan playing comp's game.

these are from my hp:)

the only picture with pah along.
pah,till meet again yup?

che wani,urs are in ghedin's camera.
not now.ghedin's in fever.pity him.
may he recover soon .

holiday's mode should and will be shut down,
college+university's mode restart.

it's where i'll concentrate fully.
jauhi maksiat.akademik amanah Allah.
sbb Allah hanya jadikan manusia 1 hati.
& dalam hati itu nurr.
jgn padamkan nurr itu dgn maksiat.
& hati yg kotor ssah masuk ilmu.
keep on doa sbb Allah olwes dgr.
remember,u aim ur brother.
ur accountability now is to study.
thus,study :)

semoga dipermudahkan semua.

greenY goLD daYs

my auntie,the bride,me

i love this picture:D

24 dec:

tati,ya,abah,my mum,lehan,ghedin,tayu:)

at uncle's house,
ghedin,ya,my uncle~

24 dec,with cousins.

there are 5,6 days more of holidays.

23rd december 2010
if each of the rain drop assembled my happiness,
i think,the rain should be heavier. :P

if it meant suprise,but it even wasnt actually,
well,it worked:)

n i thanked for those whoever present,
personally,the day was full of unexpectation,
with asyu's comin,n all,of the flow.
Allah's fate met us:)

i cant really put into words of the day,
let everyone keep their own reminiscence:)

24th december 2010
GOLD day,although my family,
except my parents, didnt wear gold:D
the day when we 'left' tayu at her hubby's house.
n i dont have any pictures of the bride wore her closet.

stuff which everyone's cant wait.

let's me explain.
there 3 cameras on that day.
my hp,my father's olympus, n my ghedin's big one.
mine n my father are uploadable,
but my brother's willl be little bit late,
and that's most of the pictures located are.
so,i'm sorry ppl.
being understanding,i let him finished his.
n i myself dont know when he would:P

n these are from my father's,taken by lehan.
mine,not yet.

dont be jealous,because i can see it n u cant
dont worry,
the pictures are incredible.
at least,for me:)

ghejak,ghelie+kak anis+baby alya,paleh didnt hommie,
but it's ok.ok?

hati itu kunci manusia,
human's key is the heart,
to make human better,well make the heart better,
n Allah said,the creator of the human's heart,
untuk cuci hati,
bykkn igt mati,baca quran++

n bila hati bersih,
suma go smooth,ppl senang hati n all.

law of attraction ialah,bila kita dekat ng Allah,dekat ng manusia,
jaga both,n u'll find everitim going fine:))

hidup ni mcm boomerang,bila kita bg baik,kita dapat baik:)

December 20, 2010

pleasures haunted

19 december 2010's nite
2 are enuff kowt~
edited+real pictures by mr photographer ghedin coming soon.
n i noe it wont be in this nearest tyme:D

hkalam Imam Malik R.A : “Wahai Muhammad (Imam Syafie), bertaqwalah kamu kepada Allah, jauhkanlah maksiat. Sesungguhnya, Allah telah memasukkan ke dalam sanubarimu satu nur dan janganlah kamu padamkan nur tersebut dengan maksiat.

loads of works now.
dishes n all~

well,alhamdullilah they're all went fine last nite.
they seemed nervous.
they looked awkward.they showed shyness.
videos taken on the moment of akad + forehead kissed:D
they're sweet.
May Allah bless tayu+ abe apih:)

i noe tati missed abe mighul,who didnt hommie now.
Allah noe best tati dehh:)
they're all teased me,to send envy filled the atmosphere~
being the last gurl,they cant wait.they. :D
years forward.
well, time do tick.
it never fails rules the world.
by creeping or by running,time do flies~
jihad study.jihad ilmu.jihad perjuangan:P,they own me now;)

we're all tired.
lethargy surrounds.
but there're 2 big days to come.
energy's collected:) more + more.
Allah never stop painting happiness,
caresses us.

"untungnya orang mukmin semakin banyak masalah,semakin mustajab DOAnya,
bukan perjuangan tanpa kesulitan,tapi dalam kesulitan ada ketenangan,memugar kekuatan, yakinlah kita tidak sendirian,innallaha ma'ana"

my mum once said:
"xmasuk padang,dah takut nak lari,
belum berjuang,dah takut nak berjuang"

she didnt noe it meant much.
"jgn takut terkorban tika berjuang,
kerana kita berjuang mmg untuk berkorban~"

December 17, 2010

phalanges get coloured.

tonite,jd tukang inai:D

so,once again,jadi pengapit for my sister.
19 akad.
23 dec,ours.
24 my bro in law-to-be's.

to see + listen + hear what they say,
three of them already (insyaallah)
my view for marriage itself,differ positively,+widened.
it's not so-called heaven,semata-mata.
happy tue mmg happy,tp.
responsibility exceeds all.
pembinaan ummah itu.
relationship between those family,each of them.
mum in law,brothers n sisters etc.
pengurusan kwgn itu -->for our own family such as foods,house whatever +parents+brother & sisters etc.
to treat the soulmate is one thing which it needs everythg.
manage family,with our ilmu searched b4,
kematangan itu sgt perlu,
lots of things to be thought,
sacrifices benda wajib,
keikhlasan lagilaah~
kesabaran terlalu needed
keletihan tue xyah cakap.

lots more laah.

my sister once said:
sbb tue marriage,dapat byk pahala,
sbb pahala tue,suits la what that couple do for their family kann.
their sacrifices ape~
sume bende yg plan b4 kawen,lepas kawen mcm xigt dah nak buat ape~
sume turn to tanggungjawab.

ppl,i'm not going to say it's so terrible,trouble
ehh ehh no no laah
it's just,
it's not so-'happily ever after'
tue kat syurga jela kann
most importantly,

at least,maybe i can make ur urge for that,
urge for
'xsabar nak kawen' ,
less :P
enjoy stadi dulu ye kawan2:D

n i'm lucky to have someone to tell me,bout that,
the reality of it,
when others,most of us see, just heaven.

happy family,with Allah's bless,also has a blessed starting.
get it?;)

one fine day,
all the separated pieces will come into the right places.