December 26, 2010

greenY goLD daYs

my auntie,the bride,me

i love this picture:D

24 dec:

tati,ya,abah,my mum,lehan,ghedin,tayu:)

at uncle's house,
ghedin,ya,my uncle~

24 dec,with cousins.

there are 5,6 days more of holidays.

23rd december 2010
if each of the rain drop assembled my happiness,
i think,the rain should be heavier. :P

if it meant suprise,but it even wasnt actually,
well,it worked:)

n i thanked for those whoever present,
personally,the day was full of unexpectation,
with asyu's comin,n all,of the flow.
Allah's fate met us:)

i cant really put into words of the day,
let everyone keep their own reminiscence:)

24th december 2010
GOLD day,although my family,
except my parents, didnt wear gold:D
the day when we 'left' tayu at her hubby's house.
n i dont have any pictures of the bride wore her closet.

stuff which everyone's cant wait.

let's me explain.
there 3 cameras on that day.
my hp,my father's olympus, n my ghedin's big one.
mine n my father are uploadable,
but my brother's willl be little bit late,
and that's most of the pictures located are.
so,i'm sorry ppl.
being understanding,i let him finished his.
n i myself dont know when he would:P

n these are from my father's,taken by lehan.
mine,not yet.

dont be jealous,because i can see it n u cant
dont worry,
the pictures are incredible.
at least,for me:)

ghejak,ghelie+kak anis+baby alya,paleh didnt hommie,
but it's ok.ok?

hati itu kunci manusia,
human's key is the heart,
to make human better,well make the heart better,
n Allah said,the creator of the human's heart,
untuk cuci hati,
bykkn igt mati,baca quran++

n bila hati bersih,
suma go smooth,ppl senang hati n all.

law of attraction ialah,bila kita dekat ng Allah,dekat ng manusia,
jaga both,n u'll find everitim going fine:))

hidup ni mcm boomerang,bila kita bg baik,kita dapat baik:)


madhiah said...

nin! jeles ado gmbr luq jah. haha.xpo2. i can wait :) take ur time bro ghejak ! :p

sofiainin. said...

bro ghedin yahh.hehe
dmam plop dye:(

btw,my laptop ok.alhamdullilah.
doakan dia xsakit lg dehh.

sofiainin. said...
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madhiah said...

owh bro ghedin. hehe. get well soonnn! :D