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June 19, 2011

happy fathers day

baking mode is on.

my brother is watching smallville n i got a sort of highschool feeling because those serial tv programme were on aired when i was in lower secondary,i think~
angah,if u're reading this,the poster is on progress but for the banner.hurm.hurm.hurm...

today's NST ,"Twister Hits Johor" and in this verge of the world's end,what would u say if Malaysia gonna have worse than that-tornadoes? (nauzubillah).often ppl never imagine that they're fated to be the victims of those tremendously terrible calamities,ranges from the typhoon to the most fitnah terbesar dunia- dajjal al said,i'm still with "kedatangan imam mahdi,dajjal & singkatnya usia umat Islam" book,bought & given by my sister.Bear with the thinking of the shortening of the age,how we're closer to face the dajjal,who is now,having his hard effort to get out from his place,i'm scared i tell u!
even when those ppl( find the story readers or i gonna post it someday-no promises:P ) in Rasullallah's time,met the dajjal-he said,"sesungguhnya masa untuk aku keluar sudah dekat"
uishh.tue masa Nabi tue,dekat dah.masa ni?

Diriwayatkan oleh Imam Bukhary dari Abdullah bin Umar RA bahwa beliau mendengar Rasulullah SAW bersabda, “Sesungguhnya masa menetapmu dibandingkan dengan umat-umat sebelum kamu adalah seperti waktu antara shalat Asar sampai terbenamnya matahari.

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dari zaman Rasullallah lahir (asar),let's say the asar time is 4.30 pm,do the simple mathematical calculation or even rational thinking,what's the time of ours gonna be now? 6.45 pm?and berapa minit lagi tinggal for the sunset to come? it's like we dont realized it,always forget it,but the actuality is we already shouldnt get off this FACT from our daily life anymore.our head and mind are so packed with,perhaps more than half percent from the whole,of the worldly-sake.well,i'm on my way of putting extra caution on myself-too.
GET PREPARED.we're on our way towards HIM.

last word,how i wish everybody can read THIS :)
have a click.
for what we say,write,we gotta see all of them in the Our Book,somedays,
n all of them are our saham akhirat:)