December 26, 2010

perfect four

click for the MEGA size~

watching lehan playing comp's game.

these are from my hp:)

the only picture with pah along.
pah,till meet again yup?

che wani,urs are in ghedin's camera.
not now.ghedin's in fever.pity him.
may he recover soon .

holiday's mode should and will be shut down,
college+university's mode restart.

it's where i'll concentrate fully.
jauhi maksiat.akademik amanah Allah.
sbb Allah hanya jadikan manusia 1 hati.
& dalam hati itu nurr.
jgn padamkan nurr itu dgn maksiat.
& hati yg kotor ssah masuk ilmu.
keep on doa sbb Allah olwes dgr.
remember,u aim ur brother.
ur accountability now is to study.
thus,study :)

semoga dipermudahkan semua.

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