December 29, 2010

thirteen but fourteen~

click for growth:P

yah,we gotta do the same thing!
counting days!
2 full days more.

this blog will be updated b4 that 1 jan 2011.

i have 24 plus minus of ghedin's edited pictures of tayu,started from day 1
i think he wanna me to upload them here.
time wont allow me to,now.
bags n loads of clothes wait me more.:D
n also,
che wani,i already sent urs.

tanyalah ustaz today:
"doctors hunts knowledge in treating thousands of diseases.
the same goes to penyakit hati; bakhil n others
it needs also knowledge+ilmu in treating this.
also iman.
because iman is the strength for us to act.

puncak alam already in view.
there's where my life will be like always insyaallah.
this holiday give me conclusion:
rumah buat kerja rumah
kuliah buat kerja kuliah:D

*being heartless is still preferable i think,4 my own sake:D
sorry for the fragility.
i'm ok :)

batu caves stairs,prm,fsk,ff,om n others
i can see them now:)

puncak alam here i come:D


madhiah said...

ey, my name's here ! :p

yeap !
yah napok jugok tuh tangga batu caves etc. hehe

sofiainin. said...

olwes igt kamu,even xtules..

sy dah rs keletihan itu.haha!