December 17, 2010

phalanges get coloured.

tonite,jd tukang inai:D

so,once again,jadi pengapit for my sister.
19 akad.
23 dec,ours.
24 my bro in law-to-be's.

to see + listen + hear what they say,
three of them already (insyaallah)
my view for marriage itself,differ positively,+widened.
it's not so-called heaven,semata-mata.
happy tue mmg happy,tp.
responsibility exceeds all.
pembinaan ummah itu.
relationship between those family,each of them.
mum in law,brothers n sisters etc.
pengurusan kwgn itu -->for our own family such as foods,house whatever +parents+brother & sisters etc.
to treat the soulmate is one thing which it needs everythg.
manage family,with our ilmu searched b4,
kematangan itu sgt perlu,
lots of things to be thought,
sacrifices benda wajib,
keikhlasan lagilaah~
kesabaran terlalu needed
keletihan tue xyah cakap.

lots more laah.

my sister once said:
sbb tue marriage,dapat byk pahala,
sbb pahala tue,suits la what that couple do for their family kann.
their sacrifices ape~
sume bende yg plan b4 kawen,lepas kawen mcm xigt dah nak buat ape~
sume turn to tanggungjawab.

ppl,i'm not going to say it's so terrible,trouble
ehh ehh no no laah
it's just,
it's not so-'happily ever after'
tue kat syurga jela kann
most importantly,

at least,maybe i can make ur urge for that,
urge for
'xsabar nak kawen' ,
less :P
enjoy stadi dulu ye kawan2:D

n i'm lucky to have someone to tell me,bout that,
the reality of it,
when others,most of us see, just heaven.

happy family,with Allah's bless,also has a blessed starting.
get it?;)

one fine day,
all the separated pieces will come into the right places.

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