May 15, 2009

remember me??

hee~it's kuyah's novel's title atc,
which i finished in two days!!~444 pages;)
no wonder it's best should, ok..hahaha
mmg besh!=)
[novel the lord of the ring xtaw ble nak abes2...];)

lot of things hepen laa..
but now i'm enjoying maself readim ghejak's blog;)..he's startin bloggin egen~exem da abes,ya?? ^^

mentioning [n not to mention all] wat hepen yesterday~
+really have a gud tyme wif kuyah n ca
+eyy,akan ku buktikan i'll survive ok che afif ye!haha!
+i'm buying a beautiful ring curved 'S'...;) i though kuyah din realize it laa,rite??well,she did choose me better...;p
+the day b4 yesterday?=congr8 to everi1 yg dapat cheque 500 tue
+tenkiu to mejja 4 informin kuyah~
+adam+apih+mJ+mc T is studyin together2 egen![alpharian kumpul2 c2 ye?...]
+meetin pokka+faryzal at the bowling site
+wahaha!i'm gonna have my twilight book soon???...faryzal promoted it laa..
+i have to buy ca a book next year for his pezen...eragorn??...hope i cud find it n i hope my money can afford it laa...thats 4 sure...
+mistakes m8 us better,kan??...cheer la nyn~

**yah,dop umah,jgn borim2 ye~hahahaa~


i wasssssss riiiiittttteeee!!!
i know i was riiteee!!!
i'm rittteee!!
my 'um-mates' will 'leave' me..
faryzal'll go for the oversea offer=mara
daoh=will continue his rpkj?
paiz=will continue his??...[i hope not]...;p
ih,meh join ore;p



joegrimjow said...

nak pinjamm

Anonymous said...

pernah tgk buku ni kt kdai...
tp xbeli pun...wuwuu

Zaed said...

ainin...tingat kt awk r...