May 21, 2009

::my tuRn after the otherS::

majoriti sume g esop~
mostly sape2 yg dapat uitm n uia
but me pom g esop gop..haha=D
not to um,but JB first~
johor bahru,here i come=)
first tyme nak g kat ghelie~
then g kat ghejak kat shah alam~
then,the registration day..

short word,tonite is the final nite i'm blogging at home..sob3
10% packim isn't completed yet..
will be completed tomorrow,4 sure~

soon,be berpisah wif these;frenster+blog+facebook+the internet thingie la..
i wonder how would be the feeling be blogging at the cc soon...*wonder*
or i shall be busy studying?

have to wake up+attend the lecture!morning till evening..
gonna study the bio+chem+phy+math aaagggaaaiiinnnn....!
*haish,5 months xsentuh buku ni maccammane*
finishing my assignmentSSSS~
'brain2,speed2 again taw+active2 balik taw'
'legs,u've to walk here n there,be ready,kay?'

'attention level,raise again,des?..hahhaa!'
'eating tyme,ermmmm~ni yg cerewet sket'

'sleep at nite?..wua~hope xhomesyik,nak tido next to my sist,hope my room8 can stand sleeps wif the light on,could she?'..*hopin 4 this*
'homesyik,pegi jauh2'
'have to biase2 kan balik sleep late+w8 up early'

blaja btol2 k=)
the others da start study daa especially the matrix students..~
compared to them,mmg tertinggal dah..
compared to the utp students,lagilaa~
"niat tue kna btol,niat tue kna ikhlas..pegi nak blaja taw"
[advices from the 'putik' hall]=)
aim for the pointer k?
focus2 taw=)
ehhemm!!survive+stand on my own feet;)
jgn maen2 k,not to enjoy larh dtg cni~
dulu,can't wait rite to further my study egen?
so,now,u've to manfaatkan that eagernez k?
[atc,daa terbiasa kat umah ni~] haha!
whatever pn,eager as much as possible k?
be xcited!=)

^^~_sTudy modE_~^^

~bloggers,c u from there soon,k~


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

owh..i'll miss u..

but sokkay~ study rajin2 taw ainin..
praying d best for u..wink3! ^_~

MANIC + lullaby said...


dak sbpik kew??


Zaed said... sdak r..awk kea kalu x leh oversea pn..dlm negara pn ok..laen r sy..kna struggle giler2..

Ainul said...

ek ehh..ainin kt UM ke??? kak eno dpt kt situ gk dlu..stadi molek ye..bgus uni tu ;)