July 22, 2010

there she goes.away

"mereka menjawab."Mahasuci Engkau,tidak ada yang kami ketahui selain apa yang telah Engkau ajarkan kepada kami.Sungguh,Engkaulah Yang Maha Mengetahui,Maha Bijaksana"

what we know+our knowledge that we own so far,is always from Him.

some wanna to sideline Him for the sake of study,sedangkan,all that he,she get..He's the 1 who gives it.
some ignores study,sedangkan study is 1 kewajipan.

concentrates ur full heart for Him.
and for the efforts menimba sebanyak mngkin ilmu.
ilmu susah nak masuk untuk hati2 yang do the maksiat~

dini left us.just now.for her chemical engineering at shah alam.
even we're together for less than a month,we'll feel her absence+missing.
as long as u're happy there soon,we'll also are.
take care dini~

as hard as i can,i dun wanna to be addicted to this=)
well,i think i am not.=)
bcause i'm enough packed here.study EXcluded.

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