July 25, 2010

these are for him.

well,i love this.
"there's no such thing as a part time muslim"

n wall E n eva's pictures below,i dedicated to my youngest lehan.
this is his favourite 3d cartoon.

lehan2,comel kan?
u'll neva get the pictures of their daughter@son ;p
that's why i show u.

i'm doing my assignment of BEL or bi.
mine about pros n conts on robots.technology.
that's why i found wall e n eva n them.
pretty shocked when my lecturer just crossed and crossed on my earlier preferable titleS,
it wasnt only me.that's of course.
thus,i got this.besides THE ARRIVALS.
however,you tube kna block la kat sini.so,xleh upload video sgtla untuk ni for me yg guna wireless.
sedangkan the arrivals MAINLY videos.
still in consideration.but,
robots pn robotsla=).that's pretty okay=)

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