July 8, 2010

passions runs deep.

accompanied one of my friend who wanna changes her course met timbalan dekan :)
he's so nice.n i was fond of his talk.
of course about MLT,he's 1 of the lecturers dulu.
i cant denied of my feelings+uninvited thought when seniors started to tell it in side which i dont wanna listen.
tapi,course ni mmg susah pn kan.haha~~
yup2.but,but,but we'll pass!
i asked"what do u think about MLT?"
"well,it's a good subject@course+my exstudent who'll furtherg his study soon at Australia for his master message me this morning.*while showing+reading the text*he's from the first batch of MLT"
+u know what?we malays are pampered.
they western 18 and above dah jadi ape ntah.dah buat ape dah.kita?dekat bawah ketiak mak+abah agie.
our mentality sgt rendah,ini xboleh,itu xboleh.
i'd met sum1 in the heavy snow,dont know where he wanted to go,well,he's independent.+bcause they dah biasa talk to strangers.+plus+plus
u're lucky,in Malaysia,understands what others say.
we're in our land.so,xkan benda biasa2 xblei buat?
i have my student of 10a1 spm get first honoured student~

wah.mmg sgt2 best larh=)
dia baek larh~
kalau bukan sbb kaunselor tue nak tolong,tomorrow we gonna head to uitm shah alam for TNC pulak.:D

* we feel uneasy to collect at least 10 signatures of meltech's seniors for our meltech's seniors+juniors day.aish~~

keje dah mula banyak~

happy bday cmud+farhe.sweet 19th okke=)

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