July 6, 2010


alhamdullilah.gettin better.thanks to my roomate,aida+dini[housemate] for teman2 g klinik tadi.klinik uitm puncak alam lawa=) xabeh2 lawa:D.
today's lecture?erm~~i just can say=okela.unexplainable.mcm lecture2 org2 laen jgak.haha.alhamdullilah lecturer2 baek2.
1 thing 4 sure.can't wait to see kak ijan.btw,she's on differ course.[bila nak jumpa kak ijan comel2 ni]=)
tadi jumpa kak aji je pun.excited enuf^^
attended a night talk"biar jadi orang" by persatuan rakan masjid*PRM with housemates just now at dewan kolej angsana.
wah.i'm so happy.i repeat,housemates=)
hopin for the other next time.
got so jealous tiba2 bila boys have their bidadari at the hereafter world,but what about the gurls?wildan??
yup.it's all about biological things of the human beings,boys and gurls.
how's and what they're concerned+attracted.
tapi..tapi..tapi...xtaw tibe2 je jeles.=(. siyes.
ade sape2 bole pujuk x?
i meant,from islamic view~more facts.banyak2 ganjaran for the gurls juga.;p
**zaujah ustaz tue+baby dia comel sgt=)))

callin 4 my parents this evening.
abah said"study ok x?6t ni pakai yg *** taw"
*let the stars be left unknown.
wah.i'm hopin so,for that.but no one can go against Allah's destiny,rite?
we're just praying that our destiny+faith are the best,
and for myself,the best in here.


::happy bday zaid.sweet 19th::

passionate enough for medical lab.
kak bibi said=dont be afraid,fighting!!=))
Ya Allah.bantulah hambaMu ini.

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Zaed said...

thank you ainin... :D
lamo doh xbukok your blog..
makin meriah :DD ...