October 31, 2009

"anybody's here?"...*i'm back*

so,here i am.
tman+kacau daun my sister n her fiance' to be shoppin2 for their day.
the engagement rings,of course=)
feel lucky larh to ikot skali..haha!
xkan berdua,slaen ade yg ke3...let's the 3rd be me.
n guess wat?
ate together in 1 room wif malik noor at tempat makan td.
4got eyh nma.hee~
final,at last,abesh jgak..
1 sem finished!che atomen kta "cpat'y"....yeah3...n i hope it's cud be shorter.
i wishED.
but now,i wish,it cud be longer...i haven't any idea how the time in the asasi gone too fast.TOO FAST.i'd realised it after the fnal.too late.
about the exam?
wont talked bout this here.
let's the faith decide.
but i'm not doin my besh,which wrinkled me burdens.
i dunno why.n i just tot 'it's determined to be like this'
dun say "if i do this n dat,i'll dis n dat"
because it'll lead to the way of satan.

If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust. (al-Imran, ayat 160)

muet's waits me in the end of the week.
sopmo xleh tgk nur kasih~but i hope we reach um as early as possible,rite che wani=)
n watch it when the nite comes.
biarpun next after the day,the exam starts at 7.30 a.m.
n home again=)

have many things to do.
but will the chances allow me to?

che ilia,i'm sooryy 4 not wishim u.
to 4get ur day,is IMPOSSIBLE 4 me.we're clazzmate 4 4 years,okke.
whatever pn,happi blated la eyh.seemed u got ur first bday cake from che kuyah.=)
miss all of u.
al the besh 4 ur fnal.
u+che kuyah+ja+others.
please t8 ur fnal seriously.

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