July 21, 2009

a post before postS

i start to feel the boulder within me in blogging~for some reasons;P..haha~

3 days to go;)
n i'll blogggiiinnggg,bloggggiingg,n blloooggggiiingg...??
lots more to study,mid sem approaching near~
tomorrow=algebra's test~
bio n calculus tests were over;)
i told fareha that i wanna study chemistry here,now~
..see,i find it isn't...;p
i realized that i miss school much lately;(
my juniors,enjoy urs~

there's really barrier inside;;
tutorials+study give me this feeling~
i think,i better stop..n to be continued at home..;)

-finish algebra
calculus=tutorial 7+study 1-6 for midsem~
the extra questions~

lab report!


~i miss my frens~
wat's they're doin now~


Zaed said...

same with u!!!..
..rindu rumah..
..beloved family..
..beloved friends...
..hu3..kijo gilo byk..

Anonymous said...

same with both of u too!
rndu rumah!
rndu skul!
rndu papa mama!
rndu jd fiver!
theres alot of assignments every single week.
sob3 :(

Anonymous said...

asri pulak rindu time pasum....
enjoy urs~
apa yang pasti, kalau dah amek medic kt UM...(kalau ainin xnak usm)...
kt sini lagi2 lah banyak workload..
pasum will get u prepare all this...insyallah..
good luck!!

suMY said...
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suMY said...
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suMY said...

same with u + all....
sbnr nye dh biasa kn jauh dr rmh tp
krj yg bnyk stress itu bt kan kt ingt kt rmh~
ingt kn keselesaan!
all the best yer!!