July 30, 2009

temporarily off~

I can't make it.the post'S'..
tati's lappy becomes worse.lyke it knew i'm gonna home this week;P
even now,the words appear one by one,so slow~n i should be patient by that...huh!
nyway,i'll return to college tomorrow~because of the wrong date when buying the tickets~nva mind laa kan..
i found maself turns lazy...affected by the past spm holiday;P...which m8 me woorriieedd...ainin!this is ur turning point!beware!just,wake up!dont u dare dreaming again;[
i can say that my schoolmates of mine,enjoying their studies now...they're on their holiday because of the h1n1..;lea+kuyah...besh ek intec??study sdaq laa k?..;)so,why shudnt i??no more turning back....look 4ward,plis!
fivers of 0408 xbole semasa lagi laa....igtkan balik ni,able to see daa;((
if i could tell how the OBSTACLES of the journey home,,,huuuuu....i wll but,i just could say it,terribblee!nak balik pun.....susah;(~bak kata auni;P
hey!my dearschoolmates.....i'd changed my spec laa....the 3+++ years frameless spec that had olwez changing its lenses because of other's mistakes....[once jer bcause of mine;))]...but xsampai hajat jgak nak pakai frame penoh...others said xsom....sob3....so,pakailaa separuh~heheheh..
soon,next date to be at kelantan again...on 20 september!guess wat day is it?...it's hari raya,okkeyh!!!sayu molep laa....sampai kelantan hari raya tu....xsempat2 nak bukak puase last kat umah pun...terima jelaa,kan~
my midsem is on 1 september....late than other foundation...people,wish me luck k=)pray 4 me too....
i'll strive 4 it....together with others....
maybe i shud say 'bye2' 4 a while to my bloggie~
sacrifices+a full focus needdddeedd!
i'll do ma best....~
good luck to othrs too...=)
maybe i shudnt think bout anyothers daaa....
be grateful....tayu said macam lucu lak kte dop sdey2 bout things yg dah ditetapkan...dont take much rest sgt k kat sana...i have less than a year to achieve wat i want...
my younger brother da berlari2 towards spm....maybe i'll join him?....
"jgn mengeluh sbb dunia ni susah,sbb itulah dunia ini diciptakan"~imam syafie^^
*shut down*

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