July 30, 2009

oups,correction!this's the 'last' post

"studying never has a limit.of course studying is hard, terrible bla bla bla whatsoever. but then, future is more important. and aiming for a better future needs a lot of sacrifices and sacrifices and sacrifices. right dear?"

so, i must sacrifices;)
readers,correction,since this is my last post,so,this is my last post laa;P..
not the 1 b4...hehe~

lea,the same goes to me...ur blog is among my feveret=)..i updated mine this monim,after reading urs...i heard dat u must perform well 4 ur ausmat?let becomes enemy again..;p..n then u'll do ur best..haha!no need pun lea...bcause u're olready can do the best,still:)..hey,wat offer?i didnt noe,n i DONT noe...be an alpharian,i guessss??..so,it meant either u or me,or it's really both of us???..but still,the faith had been decided;)...HE noe better than we do,rite?..u noe wat??..yeah2..i admit,bein each other's enemy is sweet..[sweet ek??]...haha!n the 1 i lyke to remember was,of course when we competed on chess;P....i dont noe why i won,because honestly,i olwez bet that u beat me...the exam results,i'd nva proud off..as i believe,even when i got 1st..the reasons why it wasn't u,was just the careless mistakes..n it's just took a lil bit differences on marks,rite?..except in addmath laa...[shhsshhh;p]..n noe wat jgak...one of our teachers,compared us because i was late in finishing the works while u have had...personally,i thought,cannotlaa...sbb pembolehubah tue,dah dimanipulasi daa...hehe~=P...we werent classmates n the subject' quotas pn laem..taw dop...u can't imagine how i felt on the moment..i'd nva want to fight sumbody else in academic or exam or watsoever laa...as if i can't beat that sum1,i'll stress pulop...so,from dat moments,i had to...n yup,u admitted kan...we're enemy...=)...olwes n olwes...haha!..
n hey!i wanna letting the cat out the bag now..when we're approachim our spm,u'd ur own tymetable,kan?remember?..n plis allowed me to mencontohi anda...[not copy eyh??]..even i'd olready copy it..haha!...sori3...erm...seems we're havim our own secret laa...hee~but takut xberkat,ubah2 gop laa dat tymetable...i'm da 1 who couldnt fixed to tymetable!suatu mase dahulu...;p
n ur cousin,i think i wont found him...hayat students=800++...n u noela ur fren hop ni ni,quite penyenyap laa kea...hehe~but,maybe,someday...who noes=)..eyh,i love ur spec,i tried to find it,but maybe the model had been sold out....lucky u=)
*ehem!ur prs uniform wud be our memories daa rasa'y..xterhantar2;p...*

~gud luck in everitim,kayh..struggle 4 ur ausmat..:)
to ppah,happy birthday...sweet 18th...6t ade rezeki,kite jumpe 6t k..

real shut down,
*shut down*


Fatimahzahra said...

its true,studying never has a limit.
and jangan strictkan only to the ones in books..sebab knowledge is more than just that.

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