February 21, 2010


after 'wasting' my time doing this,it's worth okke.;)
this was kak eno's layout pada suatu masa dahulu.sgt2 suka.;)
the orders of the pictures,ape sume,mmg kucca la~
6t laa...kte edit 6t free+kat umah+abeh pasum..hee.

so,i've lots okke to tell.
golden nite at sunway hotel~
it's really mega grand.
chopsticks+7 hidangan+red carpet~
but,just lyke i told u,i didnt that excited.
thanks to syahirah at the end of the nite.

but,i think,not now,to tell all of that.
it's tutorials+study tyme.
dunno wat to feel rite now atceli.
but,one thing that i've to be worried about.
u've to use your tyme PROPERLY.

ca's bday is today.
i'll wish him here.
(wish la tu)haha!ey,how's bout dat book?
~no answer to be given~
biar ah,u hurt me anyway;p

ainin,u've to be happy yup!=)
ur amanah here,is to study.
p/s.kuyah,u do change!hehe.shipop mkin ber+

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Madhiah said...

aish. berubah mcm mne??