November 11, 2010

let's go Home~

bebas.merdeka.4 a little while~
let's go home:picture by musliMultimedia,deviantart~

arts of handling world for the hereafter world matters:)
we're the 1 who shud determine the flow,not the other way round.

Allah in His Almighty way,taught us,not to be lied by this attractive world~
read this 4 more:)

n me,myself,are hopin to be continuously be supplied,be provided by srength,to face everithings.
as knowledge is not enough for us to act what Allah want,but it's iman & strength.
it's me myself~
& i know how's it feel~

“Supaya Dia menguji kamu, siapa di antara kamu yang lebih baik amalnya.” (QS. Al Mulk: 2)

be strong gurl:) i am~

final of sem 1 done.sem 1 done:)

got an injection yesterday,for my course~thanks mira for always consoling me.started from the day of screening test.

thanks shilla for the icecream~

thanks dayah n hanim for helping us with the heavy boxes last nite.

n alhamdullilah 4 the college we get for the next sem.

thanks for kak aisah 4 the sem 2 notes:)))

27 nov=my parents hommie~



the camp:)

which i hope,Allah permudahkan.ameen~

gotta go.messy room.i'm packing~

soon there'll be the clearance.

happy hols:)))

n to others,who mostly that will be PAMPERED by the sweet exams:)

selamat berjuang~

may the strength surrounds all of u till the end~

for Allah,get the best result.akademik amanah kamu:)

moga Allah permudahkan.ameen.

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