January 12, 2009

~kak zahra tagged me~

..[missin u kak zahra=)(left)..]

List these rules on your blog.

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
  • wear glasses jgak..lens' power~both are differ..300:350..haha..mkna'y my right eyes tue more rosakla..haha..
  • start to wear dat, time standard six..
  • mse tue xcitedla nak pkai,tp how i wish i could jg my eyes elok2 dulu..huhu!..;p
  • red lover!
  • suke bce blog kak zahra=)
  • i'd already 10 diaries..^^
  • seventh in da family
  • virgo gurl

* Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.

  1. can't swim jgak,kak zahra=(
  2. org akn tgk plik lau ainn nyanyi..."pelik!"..diorang kata..haha!
  3. can't stand wif da debu2...msti "hasyim8!!"..[ selsema lalluh;p]
  4. can't stand makan pedas..tp suke!=)
  5. xsuke didesak..
  6. takut naek muTo..
  7. last week bru jer pandai moto..haha..
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
  1. tati
  2. keri
  3. muiz
  4. dayat
  5. yana
  6. kak awin
  7. abe mighul..[err..blei ke??]..hehe..
* Link the person who tagged you.

kak zahra!..fatimah zahra bt. ubaidillah..very kind-hearted..n i'm proud to know u...n you to know me..huhu!=)..hepi_go_lucky?..love to laugh mse scul dulu...debater...ahli forum jgak...kte g skali quiz australian mathematic contest tue..=)..like to makkoh!..she really loves to advise me...[suke2]..thanx kak zahra...[she didn't know that i rily hold tight wif all her words]... still remember dat u gave me ur[ape ek?] but mcdonald food la...mase kak zahra visit kak sya dorm ainn..waa...baek btol kak zahra neh...xsgka kak zahra nak share ngan ainn...n got so touched ble u guide me in 1 of my prob...n dat moment,mmg ainn xleh lupa la...sbb mse tue me rsau n sdey gler...n u vanished it all...haha..hopin dat u'll nva 4get me=)..
owez nid ur guide..
owez nid ur adviceS..huhu!

* Leave a comment for each blogger.

wuargh... ni dlam process la neh,[kot]...


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