February 16, 2009

my quite nightmare=penilaian was over^^

nilai ketto was over^^
it was a dub-dab-dub-dab gak r at first..
happily,my first test[bukit]...it's done!!!...wah!!
uuuhuuu...mmg alhamdullillah sgt2 la...since the bukit was the one,i'm afraid of..
sopmo2 dye mapus atas bukit tue...so,i'm hopin sgt2 6t test JPJ soon,i'll be as happy as a lark jgak when it was done...=)
dahla i got keta baru td..^^...it moved smooth..hik3..
un4tunately,test JPJ lambat lagi...
maybe bulan 4 lorh..n buat mase ni,me kene naek muto la...
insyaAllah..i won't hate it no more..=)

hurm..n it reminds me wat the penilai akademi said to me when we're in the car..
n yup..i was lucky if the JPJ pom mcam dye jgak...
sejjuukk[sbb air-cond]+lagu...[dahla jiwang pulak tuh]
n he kept telling me..

"lagu ni,kite kne dgr lirik dye...barula bermakna...ha!try dgr nie..dye ckp g2 kat bf dye..."
instead of bein skema,marking through my list..dye comment psal lagu..^^
haha!..n he said..
"dahla wat sume2 tue..tp 6t JPJ soon,buatla...sy nak balik lunch ni..=p"..
*laugh loud*
he said too..
"when sum1 in a relationship..sumtin yg ties both of them is the similarities between them..so,it's easy 4 them bein together..[kes serasi la ni,kan??]..while yg xde similarities,even it's 1st love pun,it can be=game over...eh2,awak ni,sy ckp mcm tue,jgn dop naek divider pulak.."[since me tgh nak turn left on the moment,n i slowly did it..]..

yup!..btol2 cekgu..wink wink..(^^)

n yesterday..happy enough..saw sumy kat driving centre..
chhheee ssuuuMMMmm..!!
hahahaha...i wonder dah how month me x ketawa sampai sakit perut..
but not [hak3] okay..me ktawa ayu jer..hahaha...tya sumy..
seemed dat i found sumbody yg know who i really am...so,can talk bnyak2..crack some jokes..hepi2..beyonds the borders of strangers^^
like the old day..*smile*

tp sum, u said nak dtg today..xde pom..=(
tp,today i saw nani..=)

n lately jgak..i heard much rumours..rumours n rumours bout our spm's results..macam2!n i got tired to believe n not to believe...which 1 is right,ha??
23 kuar,28 umumla..
28 kuar,15 umumla..
umum below 5 macla..

n i must admit that i'm joining all the school leavers of 2008,waitin nervously the very2 significant,mega2 significant result..n i don't know how to commnt how the papers that i'd answered..but i think i'd done the very2 best..[but i felt sorry 4 my addmath,phy n kim..since i made a lil bit mist8]..taakkkuuttt!..pray as hard as i can..[kak zahra kta]..i hope the outcome would give me n my family the best..Allah the alMighty is the only 1 who could give us all the ketenangan.keredhaan,n i hope HE is the 1 yg control me 6t me amek result soon..bless me wif much strength to see the slip,to accept whatever the faith that He already decides 4 us,either the frustation or segala nikmat2..


syazliana said...

moga2 result batch kita gmpk..
jgn duk dngr rumours la..
miss her..
ingt lg tyme duk utp dlu..
merem la kami berdua..
asyk gelak2 jah kerjanyer..
x kaba pn nk g interview..
aini,sy pn lmbt lg test jpj..

ainin said...

jika ENGKAU telah tentukan keggalan untuk kami,tukarkanlah menjadi kejayaan..
bagus r...hepi2 nak g intibiu...xdela stress sgt...=)
yana dop key bulan 3??ore bulan 4...lg lambat...=+