March 1, 2009

sorRy n thaNks tati..=)

[my tuRn:) ]

at our uncle's house^^
at last,i cud spur my happiness,cycling+runnng on his bicycle machine,fat burner or whatever u could call it..after beyond the years,
i longed to naek basikal!!
basikal2 kat umah are all rosak=(
lama daa xnaek basikal..hoho..

well,yesterday actually,went 4 an outing wif lehan..
lehan was better=)
g kbmal..[nak beli sumtin act,but frust nye*not enough budget*]
so,i thought,kene tunda la kot,or cancel trus..=(..

a dreadful day!..
i'd done sumtin terrible!
thanks sgt2 n sori sgt2 tati ek..
or i'm sure i would be scolded soon..fuh!..alhamdullilah~
tati said no need to upload photos
maybe it would turn bad..^^
ok,tati..but thanks,ya^^

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