March 5, 2009

this weEk?

what i learnt this week:

  • tom yam paste is betteR than tom yam cube..;p
  • kuyah enjoyed her buSiness well...lots were interested wif the SBP-shirt=)
  • i know that i'm very fond of ~ it keep being my first web to be clicked upon surfing the internet=)..thanX luQ..~miss my schooLdays..
  • puzzled to guess that i do regret ke x tak pegi K.O.T..hahaha...erm*wonder*
  • kak sya is soo kind+kindhearted+humble+baek n she turned to be my besT tempat rujukan of many things=scholarship[sime darby,jpa,mara]..pasUm+tesl+medic+sains hayat..she can't even see my mssg+cmmnT,she tend to call me trus~...=)...wahaHA..i'm the luckiest^^..gooD luck 4 ur exaM,kay=)
  • i'll get my UPAX number????...ngeee~...ehem2,my family siblings member don't know yet..=P
  • Anak Betong the lagenda serieS=the end~..alaa...want more;)
  • before shutting up my eyes,need to tutup+gulung2 well the door or the opening of the kelambu,kalau x,jadi tido ngan nyamuk n me ng tati would find all the nyamuk2 terperangkap dalam tue were all gemok2+fat..wif our sweeeeT blood~...gerammmnyeerr..will the kelambu be called 'nyamuk trapper'???..=P
  • 12 vs 16 march....the new rumours...what is the exact date,ek??..tend to be 12 march kot=) but if 12 march,my mum xdapat pegi ng me kat scul..xpela kot..owunk len pom xmai ng family...^^...if 16 march,ade [owunk] xcukup pulak g amek result+lambat..hope not~
  • today is my birthday..[8 rabiulawal]..^^
  • i'm sharing my feveret spot in kbmall wif lea..=)
  • this laptop is already jammed+hang+watsoever~...wawawa...sdey~..n my mood in surfing,seemed to be exhausted wif that prob..=(..just imagine la,every step,every click that i want to make,kena tkan [ctrl+alt+delete n switch to]...alahai~..what a waste..n i can't stand it,4 sure...but sidelined internet from my day???...ehhem!..hahhaa..not now~
  • mom is waitin 4 a new set of chair next week=)..n our ruang tamu is bersiap sedia untuk menerima ahli baru..ngeee~leh,ghejak,ghelie,i bet u may be suprised soon~
  • momo nyau2 did sumtin bad..
  • it has been a week i'd heard nothing bout him~
  • asasi sains hayat kene blaja physic jugak!!!!
  • experience is the best teacher,rite??,the jpa+other scholarship,nak apply ke x ek??..because it's clear enough as it's true the local institution become my choice,so xpayah apply..lau apply,blei g interview+can feel by myself the suasana interview+my hands akan jadi cold jgak x??...*wonder*
  • my test jpj=25 march 09..wish me luck,people=)
  • my 8-hours of motorcyle=finish!!!?..mmg da, i think kne use the 'another' 7 hours well jgak if i want to pass the nilai~...wohoho...titi xnaek ag+brek emergency xtry ag+angkat2 tgn xlagi+tongkat moto maself,x lagi...aduyai..malu la 6t lau naek pagi2 since pagi ramai owunk la kat kotaraya tue...they'll stare at me or x,ek???...i hope not..^^..hahhaa..

*bler result,nie.......*


madhiah said...

ad gak nem yah~
bussines da slow sket..

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

halluuu..juz droping by n read ur post..
i was in a jpa interview n hell yeah my hand colder than ice..hehe tak dpt pn sbb jpa u gotta compete wid non-bumiputera students n i tell u they're damn good..dah le satu bilik tu 12 org tros..tak ke mcm anak2 ayam berebut nk if u're intended to try 4 scholars, go for mara ya..dun make d same mistake i did..emm n rumours from my mara scholared frens, most probably they're not gonna send students overseas anymore bcoz of economic restriction..nk jimat kos u might as well try..

then about pasum, i was there 4 a month n to be truth u gotta work real hard here my dear..mmg amek hayat pn kna blajar fizik..n budak sains fizik diorg ade sains komputer..

im a tesl student..if u enjoyed learning english so much then u shud apply..esp when ur english is damn good..dis course wud be a piece of cake 4 u..even if u're not good at english (like me..huhu my english suxx) tesl wud definitely help u sharpen ur not bluffing kayh..jdila minah salleh celup jap..hehe ap2 grand n finale advise wud be, choose something dat's at ur interest..sgt susah blaja menda yg kte tak minat..speaking from my own experience again, dont do da mistake dat i did..

wateva i'd babble is only sharing opinion n experience..u shud noe whats best 4 i'll pray d best 4 ur result..hope u'll excel n get da best future yaa..

tq n take care~~

ainin said...

yah,bese r..nma agi business..naek turun..huhu^^