November 10, 2009

be thankful.

i'm interested in their conversation in facebook.

h:Sometimes i just feel that i dont deserve all of these.What should i do to repay u Allah?
N:His countless favors can't be repaid. Just express your gratitude to Allah. Appreciate everything that's given by Allah. (16:18) :)
h:hurm,rase nak menangis pun ade jugak.usha tah2 ape2 tp Allah bagi jugak what i suppose need to be given to the people who really work hard for that.
Takut anugerah ini Allah bagi sebab nak tgk kita makin jauh dari die,SANGAT takut..

hope they allow me to if they found out.;p
just thinking.
HE really gives us lllllllllloooooottttttsssss of things.

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