April 25, 2011


studying!& it's raining.

If ever I’ve been given a chance in flipping back my own life story book,
Flipping back & back & sudden stop. I would wish many pages that I’ll be allowed to stop:)
May among of the pages are on 2007’s chapter.when I was blessed with 2 tomei2 adek dorm who left preciously reminiscence on me & us.
an unexpected personality of fatin who i thought she's one that obviously serious,
but at last,rupa2nya yg bagi hard & deep curve of smile & laugh when it comes to bed.:P
one little secret hidden: i really wanna get close to u,n b4 u're choosen as prefect,i just got the chance when u borrowed my tudung for ur pidato.
Allah blessed me.He didnt just give me that.He gave us to be together in 1dorm:)
the 'speech-girl',fatin aneeda:))
syifa the excellent junior who faithfully with me in the middle of night when i was lacking in courage to stay up alone.fear of myself-built-imagination.maybe:P
&she's my music files also:) =high school musical.remember? :)

i love when laughter's in air.with both of u.& us.

my 2007 birthday's suprise,which planned by kuyah.wont 4get their blurry faces,muka xbersalah tipu org ye.
i think the kertas konyok2 ade lagi kott simpan kat umah~

terima kasih jd adek dorm yg sgt baik.sopan santun, & amat dirindui.
both of u,really,have your own part,each of u, in mine:)
sayang kamu berdua.dont eva 4get us okay!


madhiah said...

syifatinilyanidaaaaa! i miss them toooooooo ! :)

which birthday nin ? haha. cant remember.
kan best kalu ade story book lame2 buleh tgk sekarang :(

u're soooo lucky !

SyifaIlyani said...

waaaa.... dah lmer doh dop pegang nma gbungan tu... syifa pon miss kak-kak so much... nop jupo! uhuk2.. I wont forget all of u.. insyaallah, ukhwah till end.. ^^

aneyda said...

siyesssly,, tkezzut bce entri nh. thx kak ainin sbb igt faten lg.:)
udah lama x borak2. T.T
mis kak2 so much!~
hopefully, dpt jupe kak2 lg pas ni. U.U hu3 tc ya::

sofiainin. said...

YAH:bday 2007 yg create 1 kertas ade sorg gurl nak serang ore sbb nak rampas bf dye (**).ade ke patut.haha.

syifa:mekaseh syifa:))

fatin:oloff..hop igt tue xyoh oyak laa...siap rindu.sungguh2 rindu.xnippu lasom.xpolah,semoga adek2 happy loni xpo dohhh:)
siyess sayg both of u!


madhiah said...

HAHA. yah ko create tu ? siyes tak igt clear sgt. heeeeeeeeeeeeeee :p

so what happen ? story3! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee! my memory need to be triggered back !

sofiainin. said...

haha.mlm tue la bru bongkar.mujo ore rilex jahh sapola nak mai serghe nieyh.tp benna nerves gop!well,sy rase sy xrampas bf sape.haha.i dont have any.hahaha.tp meme jaddi rr...
spontaneous suprise.yah pakat ng fatin & syifa:)

mase f5 tue,yg susut diari ore+explorace+kek.siyess dua2terharu!
thanks syifa.fatin & MASTERMIND:dearie kuyah^^

SyifaIlyani said...

hahaha~ I kove b'komplot ngn kak kuyah ngn porthen... welkem kak enin,, insyaallah naty leh jupo plop..

aneyda said...

luv u too kak ainin. XD hee~~ tc..