June 8, 2009


(read in haziq"s tone in syurga cinta movie..);)

wahaha...xcited2~after almost 3 weeks berpisah ng tenet..sob3..
i thought that i'll start blogging again in next month~[at home laaa]
but,here i am;)
guess where am i??...;););) wink2~
at um's main library;)
it's a grand 1...tgn da sakit sbb sejjjhhoouukk..
punyalah jauh nak datang sini..

lots of story to b told,but surely,time wonT allow me to~
first,bout pasum~
i din really get xcited on my first arrived..
it's far different bout wat i'd expected..
more than thousands got here,paling ramai dalam sejarah um...even the pp(fasilitator) got shocked bout the amount~
pasum [or shud i say,dewan tunku caunsellor] n the kolej kediaman really made us tired all over the day,because of the distance~specially in the haluansiswa week...jauhhhh gllerrrr taww~~
most of us pakai baju kurung wif sport shoes,ok!
but now,we can fully accept it[yeke??]..haha!

the students?
800+ for hayat students~
the competition will be so tough~
feelim soo kerdil here~

4 subjects but they're divided into 2..
i gonna sit for 8 papers,rasanya~

ok kowt~
but at first,wahaha~
lecture style is fffaaaarrrr diiifffeeerrreeenntt wif teacher's style at school~
no,no...even a little bit,no~
study,on ur own~
on ur own+on ur own+on ur own~
hati kecil prays~[harap2 laa blei survive sini....huk3...]

lyke kak eno said,it flows cam air je~

kolej kediaman?
so far,i'm contented bout it~
2 people in a room+own study desk,a wide 1+notice board+balkoni;););)
in front of mine,is a lake~it's a beautiful view at nite~
but,opposite is the boys' hostel...;(
n here also,got a view of those bangunan tinggi2~
menara telekom?..;)
kl tower+klcc,kna g mid valley dulu...;P

my room8,she really can stand wif the light on when we're sleeping...ngeh3;)
a kind 1;)
n the cafe,it is just a stone's throw..


first tyme went to ayah su's house~
no words can describe bout it;)
but i just can only say~
they're a beautiful family,
in a beautiful house,
own a beautiful life;)

thanks 4 da baju kurung+a nite spent there~

i donT noe,when will this blog be updating again~
it wasn't a lie, the subjects taught went sooo faassstt~
this week,there's no tutorial yet,so,QUITE relax sket~
but next week,the timetable will be from 8 to 5pm...n the nite should be fullfilled wif tutorial task+study yg tomorrow+revise yg be4 this+etc~

the competition is so tough.really.i donT noe how to say more.
i'm afraid.yup,i'm afraid.i'm afraid n i'm afraid.i cant imagine what wud happen if i can't score.so,i must study.
ayah su said i must got 4.1;)
i'll try my besh.

~ya Allah...help me~
~kejayaan milik hambanya yg berusaha~

*ghelie,thanks 4 da bill+n the journey;)*
*ghejak,thanks 4 that in ur blog;)*
*tati,thanks 4 da picture+to4;)*


.:.farayhasukri.:. said...


Anonymous said...

rindu pulak ngn pasum...
yup, i heard that..last year 1600++ dpt offer, this year 2000++ dpt offer..
dgrnye, malam penutup haluansiswa kt DTC ekk??..hebat...iyelah, nak gune dwn gemilang memang x muat..
hayat 1 ke 2??
grenti penuh ann DKU..
lecturer sume sporting abes...jgn risau, nampak jek tegas, tp jumpe personally memang baik..haha
to name some - pn roha, pn norazlin, pn kamariah, dr zahrah, dr abd majid, dr fadzillah, dr aishah jelan, pn mazdida...
good luck lah untuk awk...budak stret A1, 4 flat is for sure

ajam said...

aloh..xpayoh rusim la ainin..nyo buleh eyh..

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum..xapply for oversea pny program ke?

F@!Z said...

ni mseti dk pasum bru en..
huhu.. rindu la plak..
btw, nmpk komen en. askree kt ats tuh.. haha.. 2 rumate ak kt pasum dlu..
hm, rindu nye pasum.. neway, awl2 mmg la cam payah sket.. tp nnti dh lme2 ok je..
enjoy ur stay kt pasum tu..
sbb kt ctu mmg the best place to be ble wat asasi ni..