October 16, 2010


when it's subuh:)
picture from deviantart.
i'm fond of subuh.fond of beach.

12th college's lake.
from my room.
16th april 2010

status:it's feel lyke the whole exam over.

well2.instead,the lectures were.
we're so relieved after microb's final practical exam yesterday
and the feeling was awesome:D

ehem2.hbu final exam+anatomy test waiting,
b4 the real final exam.on monday next week.

drown in memories.
i'm just missing my c735.of 12th college.when it comes to subuh.
azan was enough to wake us up.
unlocked my door.first thing i wud do was to see suha's+wani's slippers.
they're always earlier than me.when it comes to subuh:)
in bath.in surau.
n sometimes,not because of the azan,but because of tifa+wani knocked my door:)
n i wud see the sunrise from my room's balcony after that.after subuh's prayers.
sometimes,wud call my mum,early in the morning.
"tgh wat gapo" i asked:)
my mum ="tgh tgk tanyalah ustaz ni" ;)
went to the cafe.as early as 7.oo am ++
when others were still sleeping.
rindu itu semua.sy tahu mereka juga.

i miss azan.it sounds terrible,rite?
well,azan is rarely can be heard from here.they shud add speakers here.
i must open out my door first.n it's better.slightly better.
just listens azan from my roomate's laptop.

my mum went to Raudhah yesterday.
my sist said she was extremely happy.n wanna go there one more time.or more:)
may i'll be there too.

stadi week.begins.
uhhuh.nak stadi.

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honenie said...

miss dat moment badly..
tgh stress2 ni bce gonii ++ sedih laa plop..sob2
nway..gudlark final deh!