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February 28, 2009

juha's niece n nepheW=)

=the kind iQbal=

=the cumel2 insyirah=

yesterday,my parents,tayu,tati n me went to juha's house..
lorr,juha was sleeping best sgtla on his kusi empuk gler kat ruang tamu..hahha!
i bet u must really suprised,rite??..hee~..sory la xckp dulu nak dtg..n then kna bgn ngan muka+mata yg merah,still..=P
yet,i should say dat u're so caring+penyayang sgtla juha..
[since kat umah juha=emi,then jadi sumi..hee~]
unfortunately,xsmpat nak amek gamba che sumi ni dukung insyirah..
n yup!
we'd a gud time playing wif insyirah,wif her blue ball!!
n juha was the best in teasing her..tried not to give her ball=)
n at the exact moment,rasa tingat sgt kat sumeone..erm*..
[jgn pandai2 pk kot laen,yer..haha]

notes=insyirah was the second person me dukung..yay!!

nway,her adek,iqbal was sooOo baek..xnanges pun..
well,juha,plis cubit both of their cheeks 4 me!
6t me datang lagi,ya..

February 9, 2009


Hi5 Emoticon

i'd got a flu today...[once again..]

***update tonite***10.50 p.m**

parents=preparing themselves to sleep..
tati ng tayu=maybe dah tido..*zzZZ*
ghedin=xbalik umah tonite sbb on call kat husm..
da=doesn't have to wait till midnite,waitin 4 ghedin to open n lock again the door..^^
now nie,tgh makan..huhu!
me=in front of this laptop..=)

erm..*wondering*...i remember sumtin...1 of my close fren called me this afternoon,pity him..seemed that many job that xbagi orang blind colour kije..when dye tell me bout his condition tue,cam susah,mmg susahla nak,sape2 yg bace dis post...should be grateful,ok...^^ least,kte normal tau..=) happy could hear pokka's voice..[my class's monitor]...after soooo loooong time didn't heard bout him...huhu!...they're gathering at his house for the UPU purpose...sorry A,my hp was in its silent mode...hee~

i called my eldest brother,asking bout him..yup!it's quite hard a blind colour nak involve in engineering..but maybe not 4 civil engineering...hee~i will tell him this good news...but i don't knowla either he's interested or not..

n it wasn't nice to see my mom looked tired this nite..she fell asleep on the cushion..while sitting on it!!..this evening,she juz went to the clinic..but the doctor gave her the undesireable medicine stuff la...erm..may u'll be pampered by oceans of happiness n a good health everyday,mom..ameen..*feeling sad la..*

gd. n8 every1..

January 31, 2009


it was a suNny day...=)
when ghelie n kak anis were once again visiting us...
not 'visit' at all la....sleep already..huhu.. was our last day spent together be4 they would return to johor....
working back~
kak anis asked me to have a holiday there on 1 fine day pahni...
rasa2...1 fine day 2 will become...
dream comes true ke??

they were ghelie's!!
it was a long2 time daa after his wedding he had not sitting there...
miss u ghelie...
it was a same table set on his weddding day that served all the delicious food,
wif kak anis there...
n on dat day...poor me!
i wasn't there~
i'd to balik skolah since esok tue ade sambutan hari raya kat skol...
n of coursela,i'll nva missed dat day..;p
n the day's reminiscense..
no 1 can steal it!

kak anis cabut some of these lidah buaya...=)..
she'll have a green finger kat JB 6t wif these...
may they'll be showered wif her love..

looking ahead,me just cud see only plant's stem of innumerable sizes n shapes..
straightor bent..
squat or slender,
smooth or gnarled and branched...

occasional drip of moisture falling through the still leaves,
roofed by the blue n clear sky..
the rising morning n the lifting of the mist..
the sun was not,however, high enough yet to shine down-us...
little among us to realize these....
the everyday view around hOmE..!

[ ]

[the picture is missin la...=( ]..
my abah called it,Garfield but..
me called it_Glu gLek!!
my sist n brO are always aware n if seeing something movink ng excitedly towards the car when they're home...
specially if the creature's colour warner orange one...
pelik r kucink neh!!
the others takut ngan ketta...

this creature name is_momo nyau2...
why it making dat face,ha??
want to get out from dat,ek??
soon.momo nyau2 would masuk bawah ketta jgak....

i'm da THE LEGEND OF AVATAR~addicted!!
cute la dye...
i just know dat story when i first sat down for my motorcyle workshop...
i mean workshop,like a programme to know more bout its license la...
my eyes said yes to 'the legend of avatar' instead of my LOTR book....
but,dop tgh syok2 tgk neh...
cekgu pom turn off dye...
"okay,may i start name is..."..
cekgu!nak tgk citer!!...=p

n know wat...??
i'd finish 200 pages n above over 314 pages of AYAT2 CINTA novel!!
erm.,for the novel's lover,maybe there's nothingla sbb'y it should be finished by now...;p
well,i guess,the novel should be read by all la...
it's different from novel bese2 neh..
it builds us from inside...=)
cut the distance between us n our creatOr...
n made me xsabar nak studY!!..

happy birthday dear...
sweet 18th=)

my driving??_still canT remember the single+simple things!!..mainly,the 'opening' part...=(
"erm...ur gear...~free"
"sorry,cekgu..."..haha..i repeated the same mistake la....
however,i did-not bad...-naek bukit!!...i could not stop myself from bursting into laughter when my car stopped at the middle of the line...["nak turun balik ke,nak pegi terus??]...which i should stop be4 the line....haha!!! =D

n [they] made me casted away la.....the school leavers at my driving centre...since they're chatting bout our spm's papers...but i didn't involve...because? coz i'm eavesdropping jer...=p..that bio-chemistry-phy-addmath....well,actually...our self opinion didn't differ at all....everyone was saying that admath paper2 was-pliknye soalan!!....[very susah la....]...that chemistry-paper 3...[okay!!=)]..n their memory bout them[the questions]...were better than me! already x igt daa yg mana 1..hehe....really freak out to remember,even think bout them!!....that physic paper 3...[payyoh kakloh]....haha...n yep,sbb its ques xder lam buku.....n they end their conservation wif_[....]......we're altogether waitin 4 our results!!....pray 4 me.ek...

my youngest?'s unexpected that he would cry to return to his school....poor him....frustations had conquered him......the "kementerian pelajaran malaysia" website serves well...n gave his reason why...i hope that he could think beyond his's same blaja katne2 i think of furthering my study..haha!!...the vital hard=my pointer should go above 3.5...amEen....n his study should be the centre in his life now....not affected by bende2 laen....may he could take care of himself...n i rily meant it...=(

my YM-still jammed...n i don't planned to keep keep asking my password although i'd nva left it blank!!

ghelie+kak anis??
by now...
diorang kat JB daa....
have a gooD day,k!!

January 25, 2009

~you waLkeD in mY heArT~

You walk in my heart lighting every dark corner
the touch of your love I will always remember
your graceful smile ease and comforts my pain
giving hope that the sun shines after the rain

In times of despair you feed me faith
guiding my feeble mind on the right path
you're always here for me ever since the beginning
even when I forget you there you are caring

You embrace my flaws understand my limitation
cheering on to do my best with affection
tears that fall you wipe away with gentle fingers
renew my spirit and watch me bloom into a flower

You are an angel whose love is mine forever
I am lucky to be a part of you dear mother
no songs or poem can measure up to you
nor can it reveal how I love and adore you

You know very well the nature of your child
everytime forgiving my mistakes when I go wild
you're all I have the only one that is true
when all else fails you always come through

Mother I'm truly blessed to have you in my life
you're my best friend to whom I can confide
even though distance keeps us far apart
I never feel alone for you walk in my heart

January 5, 2009

being youngest!

dis is my yongest....lehang!!

at last, he has da chance of feeling the life of the hostel's life...["SIC..!!here i come!"]...haha...actually,xcitednez was seemed at his face msa me ngan dye sma2 dop atas keta tayu 2...but tbe2 jer,changed when we arrived...homesick ke dik?...not really kot...maybe pointed our reasons to his dorm,kot...he's keeping my mum informed dat his seniors were stepping his dorm owez...uninvited......RM5 was lost!..haha...can't sleep well~so noisy....n yeah,at home,he owez staying up late...twelve_one in da moNim sometimes...when i already fast asleep![after spm la..haha},bler light off tue,maybe his eyes still can still open widely,la kan..=)well,today,maybe da okay=)...[hopefully]..i'm missg him?...erm....missing his knakalan kot....his loud voice^^..[da xder org nak men my hp]......well,he's quite had been pampered a lot wif a lot of lavishness..either at home or at school la...erm..kat sic nie...may he will learn all sort of thing~all the troubles~life testlehang,cayho2!!..rily hopin dat he changes better....ameEn...

nie,my adek jgak.....paleh...

he're heading to his mara taiping 4 the 1st time,me anta dye kat bus station tue....[coz every time he pegi,me da pegi scul dulu from him...haha..],felt really relieved coz me had told him what i wanna say....bout chemistry~phy n others...=)hopin dat he'll struggle 4 his spm dis year....ignoring da not 4 sumtin that isn't related to his studies....

there's nobody to make my house at loud da xder owunk nak bual!..but it's's happy anyway....[coz da xder sape nak berebut chance men intenet ek?]....=)

hey,who's sad now??

o0o...mesti dobox miss me jgakkan mser me dop kat Faris ari2??=)