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April 26, 2009

eXploRing thE 'junGLe'

in the kelapa sawit plantation!!
parents+tati+tayu+me went there on last friday to see wat's has goin on..after for years they're not visitin~...[they]..because i'm still not being bornt...still~
for the first tyme,i could see the buah kelapa's sounds lame..but..yup..i've neva see dat la..i just could watch it from the tv,newspaper,article..n at last,la...!kat my village pn ade jgak pokok kelapa sawit ni...hahahhahaa...u noela..if i have been given 5 months holiday,i'll never go elsewhere...duduk kat rumah jah..haha~....[sob3..sdey gop benna...]..;('s so sunyila kat sini...xder org pn..fears crept into me for a while..except for the jungle creatures;nyamuk2+pacat2+the others i dont know wat their name..hee~
the last 'drama' b4 we headed home..the pacat already prepared dah nak sucked my mum said pacat lam hutan tough sket...ha'ah..mmg pn..i could feel it when it started to suck mine..adoii~..
n tati sang an evergreen song,which was continued by my mum..pah2,balik!..

yesterday,we went for an outing wif lehan...he's better..i'm proud of him to be choosen as ketua zikir for his form...haha...i can't even expected he could do that..!..haha...
congrate to faiz[ih] for the oversea offer~jepun~he gonna registered tomorrow!..but he was undecided yet...pegila's golden chance..once in a lyfetyme okay!..
mine??...the result isn't out yet...maybe in the third week of may..maybe??..
lea,r u goin for this grad??...ur prs uniform..i'd not returned it yet..hahaha...balik awal sgt ari2...;)
i'm not goin for the perlis matriculation...;)
jihe,if u're dah give up lah..just tell me the answer,yup??...oyakla~...;P

*soooooo excited to find the pictures of gaasaku...;)..

April 21, 2009

award lagi ;)

[Make sure you take the pic and said it is from who]
ok..i already did it..n i was awarded from kak pqah!!
my ex-headgurl..
thanks kak pqah,yup!
for visitin here+awarding this blog;)

[You should tell 10 facts or hobbies about yourself]

i eat very slow!if i join a group whhich the group is supposed to eat..n we start at the same struck of the clock,u'll find the last person who finish is me...wua3..!maybe,after this i'll got an award for eating very slow??..wonder*..hahha!!..n it's not a weird view when u could see all the pekerja dining dah nak simpan sumer tray2 dah,but me tgh makan lagi!...i'm the 1 yg makan lambat ke??the others yg makan cepat??... ;p

i started to be the red-lover when i'm form four!..then,i see the colour really make my eyes attracted to=)....

i'm very high-disciplined in writing my diary!my friends surrendered when they could not get themselves faithful in writng them daily but mine,every corner was full!!..but,hello!i'm not a jiwang okkeyh!!..hehe~ade sape2 nak bantah ke,say dat i'm jiwang???...;p ...erm,dop sergho..heheh~~

i prefer to keep quiet when i'm angry,n i'll answer the people question very shortly..n admitting that i am angry that moment?? no..neva..i get cold quick,but i realized that i'm hard to forget what that sum1 did to me..except,that sum1 changes=)n..i'm easily hurt..wahaha..certain2 la kowt...;)

i didn't really lyke to drinks air batu!!!!...i'll face problems if i drink it..yup!..sounds weird,eh??..dulu,lepas abeskan segelas ke dua gelas ice drinks kan,i got sakit tekak n demam ..or demam terus..n i'll directly knoe sbb me minum air tue..p,kalau nak minum jgak,i have to note the senggang masa between minum tue..xboleh direct... ;p

i think too much what others said..aduss..ok2,i'm trying okay not to=)..
n rasanya..quite ok la skarang ni..hope,lepas ni..i wonT anymore...

i lyke to keep sumtin that make me remember bout sumtin..^^..paham ke??..for example,on the KOT nite last year,that was for the first tyme razak got third=),razakian[stgh2 je ni]..we went to the khemah n were chit-chatting,kan..mimi!..igt x??..n my fingers terbuang kulit almari ape ntah kat padang tue..n i kept it sampai arini..haha! has personal value,tau dop~
da rumput when sumy n i had a personal talk~
da ribbon dat he threw up to me on the nite of principal's retirement~n others..

i'm confuse to choose whether i want to be a dentist or a doctor ek??
dentist kowt=)

ainin is 70% penakut n 30% berani...;p

when i listen to songs,i do note its lyrics=)

..i do remember wat others advices me..oups,terlebey suda;p

||You should choose 5 other bloggers
(easier the ones who follow you),
mention their names in your blog||

farah ada..
sape2 deh..amek la=)

once again.tenkiu kak pqah^^

April 15, 2009

specially dedicated to che kuyah=)

happy bday,che kuyah=)
xyah nyanyi la sini...ore nyanyi doh malle;p
u're da special1 ok,sbb ore nyanyi..ore laem dop pom~
hahahhaa...[macamla sdaq sgt]..mujo yah xttup tlinga jah;p

  • sweet 18th, ok
  • good luck 4 da interviu tomorrow..eh2,silap,all the best..;p..heheh~
  • dont think too much psal interviu jpa tu..boleh punya..insyaalah=)
  • enjoy ur holiday kat KL,yup~
  • maintain cute(^~)
here,i want to thanks u sgt2,billion n millions..
i'll nva 4get wat u'd done 4 me..
wahlaw~f5 ari2 mmg difficult tyme ah..aduii~
ngoti eyh..i'll nva changed this statement..
tryin to 4give isn't tryin to forget,kan..
i'm tryin to 4get..but it's hard..owh..
i've to admit there's no 1 dat could understand me lyke u could..
u're olwez be beside me,u knoe..
understandg sgt2 lorh..
from da beginng to the end~
keep it up..

thanks 4 da
nice hug u gave me=)
nice shoulder
nice advices
nice words
nice expectation
n all lah~
1 thing 4 sure,i'll nva 4get u..
ble da jumpe new frens 6t,tolong ckap kat dorang..
"kawan sy pesan,u have to be proud to be my frens"

happy bday,kuyah
hidup mentos sour! [err,ape nma coklat tus??]..hehe~

April 9, 2009

happy bday,sumy=)

Happy Birthday
New Graphics

sweet 18th;)
jadi makin matured,ya...hahahaha
[nway,suke sumy yg childish2 lor;p]
hepy2 olwez,k
nva 4get me('',)
do remember ur rumput yg me simpan ok,tyme we borak2 tepi tvroom lpas latihan kot ptg2...
yup,mse tue,it was a difficult tyme to be an alpharian;p
thanks 4 da tyme spent=)
~frenz 4 eva~

March 7, 2009

mum unhappy+happy because it's earlier~

hoho..the new set of chair arrived earlier than promised=)..
n excitement was in me much than my mum..sbb
it's unxpected yg lawanya!!^^
sbb dulu,i'm prefer a set of sofa,tp,my mum beli yg wooden punye,
so, i thought all the buruk2+unattractive+sume2 yg xlawa..
n yup!..i was proven wrong!
the fresh smell of the wooden+leather,
i cud catch it from afar^^
hey,i got my new spot to taking my nap ;p
seemed hard rite sbb kusi tue kayu,but bler duduk,xrasa pon=)
wahaha..welcome2 people..meh r jalan ghummoh=)

n my mum happy because it's earlier^^

these are lehan's..
he got them from his school when angkasawan dr.faiz datang kat scul dye..
la..igtkan syed muzaffar~

n know wat?i got my lesson last thursday,
if we're out,bawak kamera,ainin,bawak kamera!
aduyai...rugi btol xbawak kamera msa pegi kat scul lehan tue..
igtkan pameran sains ape,igtkan yg biase2 je..
hey!it wasn't..!

it's actually sambutan keputeraan duli raja perempuan kelantan!!
n we'd a chance to see her from near=)
lots of performation
pameran kereta antik,

n unexpected!
bler boleh jumper my farisian juniors~
it's all 40
kat sic^^
boleh tahan jgak sic nie ye=)

so,laen kali bawak kamera,ok!..=(


n why my mum unhappy?
because my result is earlier,not 16 march..
thus,she can't join me..
it's okay,mum^^

March 5, 2009

this weEk?

what i learnt this week:

  • tom yam paste is betteR than tom yam cube..;p
  • kuyah enjoyed her buSiness well...lots were interested wif the SBP-shirt=)
  • i know that i'm very fond of ~ it keep being my first web to be clicked upon surfing the internet=)..thanX luQ..~miss my schooLdays..
  • puzzled to guess that i do regret ke x tak pegi K.O.T..hahaha...erm*wonder*
  • kak sya is soo kind+kindhearted+humble+baek n she turned to be my besT tempat rujukan of many things=scholarship[sime darby,jpa,mara]..pasUm+tesl+medic+sains hayat..she can't even see my mssg+cmmnT,she tend to call me trus~...=)...wahaHA..i'm the luckiest^^..gooD luck 4 ur exaM,kay=)
  • i'll get my UPAX number????...ngeee~...ehem2,my family siblings member don't know yet..=P
  • Anak Betong the lagenda serieS=the end~..alaa...want more;)
  • before shutting up my eyes,need to tutup+gulung2 well the door or the opening of the kelambu,kalau x,jadi tido ngan nyamuk n me ng tati would find all the nyamuk2 terperangkap dalam tue were all gemok2+fat..wif our sweeeeT blood~...gerammmnyeerr..will the kelambu be called 'nyamuk trapper'???..=P
  • 12 vs 16 march....the new rumours...what is the exact date,ek??..tend to be 12 march kot=) but if 12 march,my mum xdapat pegi ng me kat scul..xpela kot..owunk len pom xmai ng family...^^...if 16 march,ade [owunk] xcukup pulak g amek result+lambat..hope not~
  • today is my birthday..[8 rabiulawal]..^^
  • i'm sharing my feveret spot in kbmall wif lea..=)
  • this laptop is already jammed+hang+watsoever~...wawawa...sdey~..n my mood in surfing,seemed to be exhausted wif that prob..=(..just imagine la,every step,every click that i want to make,kena tkan [ctrl+alt+delete n switch to]...alahai~..what a waste..n i can't stand it,4 sure...but sidelined internet from my day???...ehhem!..hahhaa..not now~
  • mom is waitin 4 a new set of chair next week=)..n our ruang tamu is bersiap sedia untuk menerima ahli baru..ngeee~leh,ghejak,ghelie,i bet u may be suprised soon~
  • momo nyau2 did sumtin bad..
  • it has been a week i'd heard nothing bout him~
  • asasi sains hayat kene blaja physic jugak!!!!
  • experience is the best teacher,rite??,the jpa+other scholarship,nak apply ke x ek??..because it's clear enough as it's true the local institution become my choice,so xpayah apply..lau apply,blei g interview+can feel by myself the suasana interview+my hands akan jadi cold jgak x??...*wonder*
  • my test jpj=25 march 09..wish me luck,people=)
  • my 8-hours of motorcyle=finish!!!?..mmg da, i think kne use the 'another' 7 hours well jgak if i want to pass the nilai~...wohoho...titi xnaek ag+brek emergency xtry ag+angkat2 tgn xlagi+tongkat moto maself,x lagi...aduyai..malu la 6t lau naek pagi2 since pagi ramai owunk la kat kotaraya tue...they'll stare at me or x,ek???...i hope not..^^..hahhaa..

*bler result,nie.......*

February 28, 2009

juha's niece n nepheW=)

=the kind iQbal=

=the cumel2 insyirah=

yesterday,my parents,tayu,tati n me went to juha's house..
lorr,juha was sleeping best sgtla on his kusi empuk gler kat ruang tamu..hahha!
i bet u must really suprised,rite??..hee~..sory la xckp dulu nak dtg..n then kna bgn ngan muka+mata yg merah,still..=P
yet,i should say dat u're so caring+penyayang sgtla juha..
[since kat umah juha=emi,then jadi sumi..hee~]
unfortunately,xsmpat nak amek gamba che sumi ni dukung insyirah..
n yup!
we'd a gud time playing wif insyirah,wif her blue ball!!
n juha was the best in teasing her..tried not to give her ball=)
n at the exact moment,rasa tingat sgt kat sumeone..erm*..
[jgn pandai2 pk kot laen,yer..haha]

notes=insyirah was the second person me dukung..yay!!

nway,her adek,iqbal was sooOo baek..xnanges pun..
well,juha,plis cubit both of their cheeks 4 me!
6t me datang lagi,ya..

February 22, 2009

to the edge of limit~

feel like crying...n i just donT know how to describe it..but (-_-)...uh!!..n i think i can guess wat others will say if i'm goin to tell them..i mean,my friends..the school leavers..i tend to wonder,how the seniors got to survive in these 6 months,after leaving our school...aduyai..i must admit that the kebosanan aura kept controlling me lately..all the plan had been done!..xcept the driving license la yg quite lama sket kna tggu..98% of boredom..
the realm of boredom,its territory semakin meluas,semakin hari,semakin meluasssSs~..

actually,plannye nak upload my class video..
but i think,kna cancellah..
sbb..lama gler kna tggu!since pkul 2 td,skunk dah pukul 4 xsiap..
hish,it's a no-no la nak tggu lagi..

watching the video,
to my classmate,
how much i miss our schoolday,
how much i miss our laughter's bursting in our class,
how much i miss the sumbat2 jokes,

mejja-i wish u cud see so sumbat n bising u're in the video
luq-i wish u cud see so [making the publisiti murahan] u're..haha!!
"sy bercerai krn-no cmmnt"..^^
darus n luq..[once again]..i wish both of u cud see how budgetsemat u're making..=P
zaid-i wish u cud see how angry u're towards me
kuyah-i wish u cud see how tasty,how t'sgtla nikmat yah makan roasted almond^^
nadia,mijah-i wish u cud see how cute u're making [peace!]
amie-i wish cud see that u can't stand that T was so lama gler amek video
ipiey,daoh,cmud,apih-cud see so buzy u're finishing our BM work
ja-cud see ur handwriting on the paper was stood straigth,not as usual that it should senget^^
bobo-so cute macam baby^^
syeme-i wish u cud see how u're focusing at ur work n 'quite' [sombong]..haha!!..[it should be no 'quite' in this video]..=P
syafa-i wish u cud see how u're so dedicated wif my task to amek video..tenkiu,T..=)
n all
i wish u all cud see how messy,kubbe gler our class when we're counting the approaching of our spm..=P

miss u oll guys..=(
i knew the precious time won't come again nor repeated..

February 21, 2009

wahai presiden razak 2008,

Birthday graphics comments

happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to u..
happy birthday to CA..
happy birthday to u...

my dear bro,.
my dear fren,
wahai presiden razakku,
wahai motivator xberbayarku,
sweet 18th..
semoga murah rezeki+panjang umo..
semoga dapat jaga hamster2 mu itu dengan lebih baek..=P
semoga dapat mengurangkan ketembaman mu itu..=P
semoga dapat menjadi lbey cute lagi..
cute:..means either from ur face or ur [hik3].ur chuckle..;p
semoga menjadi anak yg lbey prihatin,
lbey bertanggungjawab,
lebih memikul tanggungjawabmu,
lbih penyayang kak2 nok..[hahaha]..
dan mengurangkan kontroversi yg melanda kamu..[ada ke??]..hee~
sudah2la ngato kokghe ek..=P

*laugh loud*

oo0o0...very pandai ek bagi comment blog ak yeRR..
..;,me xdela jahat sgt nak ngato che CA yer..

pesanan penaja:
  • jgn bagi mak hamster makan anak hamster..
  • jaga hamster elok2 macam jg anak sendiri..haha..
  • book baby hamster satu!!..=)
  • drive carefully...jgn bagi ur parents comment..=P
  • blaja ckp nogori 9 molex2...soon,xmalu nak ckp dpan me..
  • control2 la makan tue..=P
  • jgn nak makoh me jah..=)
  • responsiblity itu penting,1 kaki kat neraka..(^^)
  • be a good brother,jgn nak jadikan adek tu kuli jer..
  • be a good adek.. ,ye,CA,ye..
  • if u wish to be more cuter,don't defeat ur hamster tau!

p/s=..that's all for now..nak pegi anta my youngest kat skul dye ni....kalut2..soon,me updatekan yer..=)

*pen off*

February 14, 2009

rememberance is hidden

* i can control it yet*
a stream,formless of sad still doesn't show yet
[yeke??yesterday pn dah lmah longlai je...asyik landim je...tido jer...canT see u sat tegak berdiri??...;p]
hope that it won't show till to edge of limit
..much strength..
..hold strong..
even 1 week lbih din hear any buzz
any text..
juz cud give a smile wif the"last login:24 hours"
juz that..

ok2,nyn..let it be 4 a month..:)

half amused+half puzzled..
a heavy me,n especially,at most,to him..
to mr. aR,
thanx 4 tellin me tau..
promise>won't tell any1..shhhshhhh..
but 4 u,focuz study leklok tau..HE will guide ur way..:)

last nite,zaid...if u're reading this...why it seemed that it was so weird 4 u to hear bout me,ha??lorh..i always remember u all la my frenz...all the alpharian n deltarian also..mejja,pp,adam,pokka,ghe, my dearest ZAID..=)..,darus,kuan,ammar,jebo,faryzal,[my motivator]..daoh,luq,ropai,syeme,apih,abeed n ipiey..:)..mjah+nadia+kuyah+amie+najah+ja+cimut..[cimut,xpe ke ore tules nma cimut gni ni??ksah x??]..hee~+hana n yana+arwah aten..
u're olwez be my sweet n sour la...
my cream to the icecream..
my grape jam to the bread..
my pillow to my bed..=)

even xmention lam fs...hee~
lam blog..hee~

u're olwez be in my life...once a alpharian,olwez be alpharian kan??...[cewah,smgt alpha la pulak...aku ni cuma 1 year jerk lam that class...haha!..*laugh loud*..eyy,in spite of that, i do remember okay...i do care la,zaid..(^^)

"awak kna kalahkan miss X"..
zaid,u're the 1 la tau sal miss X tuh...even dye tgh bca post nie,dye xtau la...hoho...n u're the 1 who buat that chemical equation tue?...igt lagi??that time,me sdey sgt sgt sbb kne compared by cekgu ng dye..huk3...i rily din like to be compared...:(

"kalau awak xpaham gapo2,awak tya sy deh.."
haha..i owe u much la zaid..sometimes,wif load of addmath question yg teacher sue bagi kite,those great task of addmath....u gave me lot of addmath classes...either pg or malam,ptg,siang...bile2 jer..xsampai ati la,nak tya awk sopmo...!haha..if me donT understand,u keep of repeating3..n repeating...last2,"xperla, salinlah dulu,,tapi knape kalau yg nie...blalalala...jd gni??"...haha..u din even know wat the word "marah" means for..:)..if me belek2 sume my addmath books,of kos ad ur handwriting n ur works to show me how 1+1+=2!!

"dgr x??.."
zaid!!..we'd shared lot of songs!!..u lend me ur mp3 in 'our' room.."zaid,xdgrla.."...n then awk up-kan volume dye..:)..
*i can't stand to fly...i'm not that naive...*..nie among my feveret song sbb arwah aten nyanyikan me..=)
*kau begitu sempurna..dimataku kau begitu indah*...n this=u used to love it..^^
n then,we chatting whatsoever-prefexla....etc..
n in the moment me dpt my addmath mark..u never miss to wish me-congrate 4 my improvement...either it was a little or me dapat A..=)..
it was countable la me had achieved dat...x cam awak...hee~

our perjanjian??
1.kite kna.....2.kite xblei....3.kite...etc..sbb'y kte xnak kte,at last,bape kali ek??..hoho..n sadly,on the bio examination day,pn kte balloh..fortunately,our paper were okay,rite?? least,we can answer without thinking it much....aduyai....masa spm...msa genting2 gini pom blei jadi bende2 gini's our fault n ur fault...hee~

a cute pooh basket=soft toy..^^
wehehey...that's my birthday present...tenkiu zaid..i thougt that u xnak baek2 ngan me daa...the truth,u wait 4 my birthday to say sorry..^^

"jgn kapel"
haha...u keep to advice me xkapellah time skool...zaid nak bagi ape??as a present??...o0o0o...psan kokghe xbg kapel ek...u're the 1 yg playboy tuh...hana,yana,pja,bie tuh...ha!...nak jawab ape??...hik3...

=sensitif gleR=
u admitted it,rite??...u'd known it already,rite??...n u know,mse u ngaju..punyala me ni sooooooooooo stressful n depressed.......u ni kan my addmath teacher..lau xberkat ilmu pape kan,camaner??..u said that maybe it was,as u're the youngest in ur family..alala...nomel2 zaid...cute2 zaid....6t dah pegi over-c soon,[insyaAllah]...stop being sensitive igt lagi..when est paper was done,then our classmates gathered,then...u??...oooppss...nomel2 zaid...:)

"awak suka murtabak?laa...if not,sy suh abah sy beli banyak sket tadi"
"nak [gotu] dop...gotu tu macam nugget...kakak sy masak tadi,nok"
"sy suke chocolate ni..nok?"
"biar r set dye wat jamuan kat bilik sbelah,kte makan sekali deh..bagi r kat Ja jgak..."
"meh r kte makan skali murtabak teacher sue belanje..adam,tolong amek gambar sy ng ainin"
"why awk amek gambar ng dye banyak gler?? sy,awak ajak2 ayam jah..."
"assubhu gajoh"..hahaha...*laugh loud*

n all the reminiscence we made,no 1 canT steal it..
i canT mention THEM all..
6t awak ltih nak baca lak..hee~
friendship nver end,k!..;)